16 cool things you can do with Google Glass

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    Google Glass is such an exclusive wearable technology that has taken the center stage among all tech togs. There have been a massive number of developers that are working continuously in order to develop new applications for it. It consists of an acute interface that resides directly on the face and is expected to bring new superficial technology on the face of wearers. It consists of various number of features and recommendation include its following exclusive features:


    Menu: Google Glass consists of menu option that tells about all the features that are accessible by the users as Google hangout, taking pictures, making a video or sharing it on social networking sites or any other devices.


    Reminders: This feature enables users to get reminded of certain things as an upcoming meeting or appointment. It does so by popping a reminder on a screen.


    Weather: This is another component that caters with the current weather situation on side of the screen in the similar way as happened in case of reminders.


    Dictate Texts: It consists of an integrated Google’s cloud based recognition feature and an in-built microphone and a wireless connection which can be used to dictate messages that appear on screen.


    Travel Alerts: Google glass even has the capacity to alert individual when a public transportation link has been disconnected or is busted. This is expected to be the upcoming feature


    Maps: A full screen glaze will be the most ideal interpretation of map data, but this might be a handy component to have in many cases.


    Turn by Turn directions: This is its other major component that will also display street name along with the direction of the destination.


    Set Reminder: It is another exclusive component of Android which is not being used by individuals. But it enables to set meeting accordingly at a given time by interlinking a reminder with a live event of which Glass is aware of.


    Interior Maps: This is an additional feature that Google has unified with its mapping potential that is helpful in assisting about indoor navigation. Users will be able to navigate indoors as far as augmented GPS is aware about his presence.


    Check In: Through this it is feasible for users to check in at any commercial website in order to get an idea of discounts or benefits from continual check in.


    Photos: It is yet another feature which enables users to take photos. Although the camera quality is very low in comparison to that of mobile but this happens via glass.


    Hangout with screen sharing: Due to this user is not only able to join chat, but also shares whatsoever user is looking at. This is the only medium of communication without self-facing camera.


    Take photos with a wink: It consists of a face based user interface with a face based form factor. This wink functionality feature was disclosed last year by which users are capable of commanding their device with just a facial tic.


    Play Games: Specs are being speculated as a future of gaming platform and this called for development of the massive number of mini games having varied properties.


    Google compass: This allowed to have a connection with underlying compass whenever required.


    Live stream from your face: The camera that is integrated with Google Glass screen offered to advertise user’s POV using this Livestream application.

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    Posted: September 2, 2014, 1:33 pm

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