Android And iOS have started a Smartphone Revolution

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    It is becoming simpler for organizations to work on an alternative mobile operating system as this can be done by paying higher amounts to the developers as well as a sales team. Android and iOS are the two major operating system that has taken the center stage and these are the most  plausible computing platforms that is popular among the developer community. According to the researches, it has been observed that there are various questions that are rising in making a choice among OS platforms. Android and iOS, both the platforms have taken the world by storm in recent years and the more is expected to take place in the coming future.

    Tech giants continued to dominate the market. The emergence of a new operating system is more simpler, but on the contrary building an ecosystem around it is more crucial. It has been observed that rather than Android and iOS, Windows phone is also going to be the major competent among mobile operating system. The windows mobile operating system has its own strategy of handling user interface issue and the first party apps catered via them also covers the major functionalities according to the needs of users. There are various other alternative operating system that are compatible with offering the simpler tasks of being a smartphone. There are several other platforms as blackberry, mozilla that enable in loading and running third party applications in order to enhance the functionality of   the device.

    So rather than falling into trap of Hardware, one must focus on software. There are issues for small scale enterprises and OS manufacturers as well. It has been observed that the value that has been placed on third party applications is bewildering. The people who want to drain out every power and flexibility from the handsets of small OS manufacturers are familiar with the applications. Nowadays in this modern era, smartphones are basically known as Application phones and it is not considered as a useful phone without application.

    Before releasing any new operating system, the question that arises is that what kind of apps it would be supporting. Large amount of developers works with android and iOS and thus to bring any pertinent volume of them to a new platform is a colossal task. The demands of people are high, according to the rise in technology so they always look for something new. In case if tech giants are not able to captivate enthusiastic developers to the windows platform, then it is quite impossible for small OS manufacturers to create any propulsion of apps. Thus the support and efforts of of an army of developers have resulted in the continual success of Android and iOS.

    Therefore, the well versed team of developers has served in creating the applications that have catered in making the handsets more exclusive. Significant set of services is provided by them and these two leading mobile platforms have created so much of boom that they doesn’t allow any other platform to gain main adherence. Let see whether in the coming future also , only these two platforms are likely to achieve maximum market share or not.

    By: Ridhima Gupta
    Posted: September 2, 2014, 1:36 pm

    Mobile Programming LLC.

    Mobile Programming LLC.

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