The future of wearables set to explode

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    With the technological advancement there have been launch of several numbers of products that has driven the fast growing Global market for wearable computing. Wearable technology is being considered as a next phase of computing and the Sci-Fi mirage of advancement in tech togs is now becoming reality. There have already been several products in the market and let see where this next wave of wearable tech is likely to center on. According to the researches, computer market is being estimated to grow by 700 percent this year. In comparison to the first of the year 2013, tech togs sector is observed to be grown by 684 percent.

    Tech giants are pacing in order to take chances of being at the forefront. The emerging market of wearable technology seems to rise further as Apple’s innovative team has already announced the release of the iWatch. As speculation runs high, the sales of Tech Togs are likely to increase at a rapid pace. This technology seems to get fragmented in the form of smart wearable bands which enables to run third party software and basic objects. It is going to capture attention of wide audiences because the objectives of this hand free technology have been further extended and users are able to access massive computing power.

    During the first half of 2014, it was estimated that Samsung has taken the maximum market share after its release of Gear Fit, Gear 2 and Neo. The problem that seems to be a bit annoying is that samsung faced certain challenges when Sony put its step in the field of developing tech togs. Fitbit and Jawbone are considered to be the top most leaders in wearable sector and Nike is also among the race of achieving top position. It is crucial for marketers to engage a large number of consumers for 24 hours a day on the device. Maximum number of tech togs that have been unveiled are the data gobbling devices which are basically designed to monitor each and every movement of consumer.

    There were massive numbers of technical innovations that were key aspects behind the growth of wearables. In order to achieve a large amount of battery life. Wearable devices require a massive amount of advancement throughout the entire ecosystem. The bands that are being designed should have their own unique design rather than making it similar to that of watches. The next product that is being expected to release in the coming future is a wearable chair that will bring a new era of convenient wearable leg devices. Let see what comes next and when this new product is going to launch and whether it will be able to gain adherence in the marketplace or not.

    By: Ridhima Gupta
    Posted: August 28, 2014, 1:45 pm

    Mobile Programming LLC.

    Mobile Programming LLC.

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