iWatch to Debut Along Side iPhone 6

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    iwatch-iphoneApple has always gained high popularity with its various products that are slated to be released. Apple’s iPhones are the most desired phones due to their high functionality and design. The latest iPhone that is expected to release next month is expected to be one of the core device in comparison to its previous release. Cupertino based tech giants has the ability to wrap information about their products before they are officially released. As speculation runs high, iPhone 6 is expected to outpace its previous versions with respect to functionality, design and features. Another major smart device iWatch is expected to unveil with next iPhone release at iPhone 6 event that is most probably going to take place on September 9.

    Thus, Tech Giant is expected to unveil it’s wrist wearable thing in the coming month and as speculations are rising high it is being assumed that more wearable products are on way. With this fast paced technological world, smart watches have also gained massive momentum. But there has not been release of any iWatch that has replicated the popularity that smartphones gained.  It is being assumed that Apple’s step in the field of wearable technology would surely hit the trail of new technology next year. Apple has taken details from several industries in order to support this highly rumored and anticipated iWatch. Mainly the details have been recruited from sports industries as the device is being speculated more as a fitness tracking device.

    Let us see whether this new product will revolutionize the tech industry or whether it will lag behind in the race of becoming major hit at marketplace. If the iWatch is released with iPhone then both the devices will be highly integrated and they will for surely complement each other. According to the reports made on the basis of previous sales, 10 million iPhone units are expected to sale in the first weekend. But this could more likely to happen if the Two iPhone models are launched. We can not deny wit the fact that Apple has posted record breaking sales weekend for its previous major launches since last few years. Thus the same is expected to happened next month with its two major launches. Hence, more spectacular techs are expected to get released in the coming future.

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    By: Ridhima Gupta
    Posted: August 25, 2014, 12:25 pm

    Mobile Programming LLC.

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