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    mobile_platformWith the growth and advancement in mobility, the comprehensive solutions are needed in order to meet the needs of customers. Mobility index is the open ended solution in order to monitor the impact of mobile application. It aims to mount latest enterprise mobility management techniques that aim at expanding mobile endorsement and scalability for consumers. The main objective behind this was to create an economical solution in order to increase productivity and manage enterprise mobility. The main objective behind the Good Technology was to cater vital insights to the varied sectors regarding the adaptability of new devices, platforms and mobile applications.
    According to the mobility index report in this quarter, we have seen various organizations that have grasped a true platform approach and achieved progress with the mobility maturity curve. Enterprises serve customers, employees and their associated partners with the crucial and sensitive data by understanding the business benefits of doing so. Enterprises are mobilizing business processes from CRM to BI in order to protect instant messaging. They do so by articulating away from traditional desktop applications and reintroducing those resources into creating and expanding secure app workflows.
    Overall Highlights: In the quarterly reports, Android applications claimed to have 12 percent of total activations and document editing was considered as the most widely used enterprise applications. An exclusive growth was observed in the secure instant messaging apps and custom app activations doubled their growth and it was observed to  be 25 percent higher from Q1 to Q2. CRM software is being speculated to be the next benchmark and thus enterprise apps are expected to see adequate double digit growth.
    OS highlights: There have been significant growth in activation of the massive number of Android devices, whereas there have been minimal growth observed in the activation of iOS Devices. The app activations in iOS were observed to be 88 percent of total applications this quarter, whereas in Android has, 12 percent of enterprise app activations has been recorded.
    Device type highlights and Industry highlights: The 58 percent of tablet app activation was observed, which was comparatively higher than the smartphone app which was observed at 42 percent. According to the results it was estimated that tablet is the main fundamental for editing and accessing documents. It has been observed that quarter over quarter, several professional, financial and business services are monitoring significant knock in activations.

    Detailed findings:In order to mark trends in applications, mobility and device preference, good technology monitored the number of mobile devices and applications activated by its consumers.

    • Net Activation by platform Q2 2014: 32 percent of total Android device activation was observed in this quarter whereas iOS activations decreased and windows phone observed to remain consistent since last 5 previous quarters.

    • Net activation by type of device: The increment of four percentage points was observed in Android smartphone activation and came out at 30 percent of total device activation. On the contrary tablet activations view a slight decrease and iOS smartphone activations remained consistent.

    • Net activation by industry: There have been technological advancement and thus regarding device activation, slight growth was observed in financial, business and professional services as well as manufacturing.

    • iPad activations by industry: A significant iPad activations growth was observed among Public, Government and financial sector. Whereas there was massive number of industrial sectors that reported consistent activation results.

    • Tablet Activations: In this quarter, 10 percent of total Android tablet activations were recorded, whereas iOS tablet activation reported a minimal decrease.

    By: Ridhima Gupta
    Posted: August 20, 2014, 11:04 am

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