Various Challenges That Google Glass Needs To Overcome

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    google-glassNow a day in this fast paced technological world, wearable computing platform as Google Glass  has become the window to real time events. Among all wearable tech togs, Google Glass has received more attention and stands to revolutionize. In this modernizing scenario, we could be able to check all the information electronically without using a handheld device. Massive number of technological advancements has turned fancy things into reality. The most popular tech tog Google glass was a device at the junction of usage, social prominence and fashion. Google Glass has captivated enterprises in order to cater revenues for startups that are trading with smartphones and hybrid eyeglasses.

    There have been various social challenges that Google Glass needs to confront so that it can become popular  and it may be adapted by a large number of users. Recommendation includes certain issues that Google Glass must overcome:

    Acknowledge the value of the Physical real estate: The clothing and the visibility, beauty products that are used by us puts forward an opinion about our identity. This enables communication among the various parts of our body with deviating ferocity. In this physical real estate scheme, eyes are considered as the most important and imminent part as they allow to understand nearby surrounding by communicating with the states of mind. We spend excess time in purchasing glasses and take one that perfectly suits us and so we expect the same reflection from Google Glass. It is a clumsy highly accessible product from an accessorizing prospect. So tech giants are working on making Google Glass more fashionable so it may suit user’s persona. Thus, there is a great need of taking the shift from wearable device to fashion electronics within an organization. There have been a massive number of electronic devices as the iPhone and electronic tablet that has been transformed into accessories and the similar aesthetic appeal is expected to come in Google Glass.

    Design by necessity in mind: The devices that are being used for health purposes are being used in the society and people have become addicted to it. There have been a massive number of devices that are accepted by the users as it enables us with health degrees of functioning. The wearable devices need to be very effective if they focus more on adapting non critical information rather than medical necessity. It is being viewed as a gadget that caters in increasing user convenience instead of focusing only on unifying and transmitting data for a particular reason. As speculation runs high, Google endeavors glucose measuring lens to have a better conglomeration of utility and appearance. Thus it can also be used to collect data, but up till now it has not been created in such a manner to convert that data into a specific function.

    Contribute to the ecosystem: Consumers are expecting for those products to get unveil who will fit seamlessly into their day to day activities. There are some smart devices that can be operated via phone, but Glass exists on its own and functions itself. Thus in order to get increasingly interconnected, Google glass  should get integrated within all components of consumer’s life. Thus in order to understand people and their social contexts, there is a need to evaluate functional equation between necessity, blend and physical real estate.

    By: Ridhima Gupta
    Posted: August 18, 2014, 10:48 am

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