How Will Big Data Help Address Climate Issues

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    big dataAs the use of internet has augmented over the years, the need to categorize data in every sector has become top most priority for the data analysers. Most of the data is scattered which may or may not of any use in distant future. The proper handling and managing of such files led to the humble onset of Big data. The ever rising data due to availability of cloud infrastructure and users’ dependency upon the smart devices for the exchange of information has skyrocketed the data everywhere. Dissipated data needs to be used for referral cases in near future as this can be helpful for gauging several aspects that can save life and property in times of need.

    The propagation of the idea of connected devices and round the clock internet connectivity has led to people being closer to each other through the use of machines. This connection has helped users in times of need when they were extremely ill lying at home having no one to help them. The communication amidst the patients as well as the doctors has eased. Therefore effective organisation of data exchanged over the devices is of utmost importance to result in a useful output for helping the users themselves.

    As environmental issues are rising day by day, the data across all nations need to be assembled so as to gather an idea of the resulting weather deficits and take immediate steps in order to mitigate them or at least save most of the life as well as property as possible. All the collusion of data within respected demarcations will also help the geologists to know when the cyclones, hurricanes, floods and storms can dismantle entire cities and thereby safeguard the lives of people as soon as possible. There have been cases of such clear precautions taken when the geologists were able to find out the speed and distance of an approaching hurricane back in the 1990’s and several people were saved beforehand from the fast descending storm.

    It is difficult to know when calamities like earthquakes and tsunamis strike a place but with due knowledge, effective infrastructure can be established so that there is a minimal loss of life and property. With the presence of a myriad number of devices across the globe well equipped with sensors and actuators, the real time activity of a person and his surroundings can easily be gauged. This data can be used for the betterment of humanity so that weather conditions can be challenged as and when possible. Several other precautionary steps can also be taken with the efficient proliferation of devices to gather data and relay it back to centres for proper filtration of the crucial facts of the gathered data.

    Several enterprises develop apps and are working in the particular domain to assemble the past and the present data for facilitating the users with a greener environment. Data as well as devices will come handy in this long work of alleviating climate concerns. Weather is one area where prior information cannot help govern the current scenario. Our own readiness can help us in the times of need. Therefore the major IT organizations are making tremendous efforts to create maximum nodes and get data to be stored in their data centres for being used to determine the climate state and weather conditions.

    By: Ridhima Gupta
    Posted: August 14, 2014, 9:11 am

    Mobile Programming LLC.

    Mobile Programming LLC.

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