How Will Internet of Things Help Redefine Enterprise Workflow

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    IOT-ConnectThe emerging query that IT professionals are facing now a days is whether IoT is being confined to the top strategic mobility priorities for the better part of a decade. IT decision makers nowadays are trying to assess the fast pacing array of tools and technologies to accelerate business. There is no denying the fact that IoT among enterprises and consumer is becoming deeply rooted. IoT is exploding with the massive numbers of emerging devices as we can very well see that each and every device is coming with an application in order to control it. Thus we can see massive number of emerging home automated devices and each device seems to be captivating towards the Internet connection. This thereby improves the ability to communicate and collaborate by connecting individuals as well as devices through updates, notifications and content driven profiles.

    With over 212 billion connected devices, IoT is expected to be $8.9 trillion market by the year 2020. In the coming future, connected things will become one of the major industries and it is speculated as the confluence of the leading trends of big data, smart mobility and cloud. The query that arises is how strategic IoT is to the enterprises. Enterprise grade version and consumer based services are its types, among which second is a consumer focused and less effective for the enterprises. It will be among top 10 emerging technologies that will cater trillions of dollars for the better part of a decade in the forthcoming era.

    Enterprises on a large scale are heading towards IoT mobility and this also caters in increasing the value of connected devices. This is one of the greatest fact of Internet business and it also results in new ways and opportunities that will cater to create new business model. Customers prefer connected ecosystem because IoT connects active devices that acquire and portrays data  by broadly enriching the network. The abstracted data results in generating massive number of business opportunities and also develop zero-sum network effects. The strategies of accomplishing the IoT in order to create businesses is emerging and so the places where IoT will impact enterprise are:

    Smart workplace: It includes each and every device that consists of sensors as well as controllers and is connected to the Internet. It is basically referred to the data and technology for a workplace that can often be wearable as business microscope and many more things.

    Business control and it’s process monitoring: There are several business activities that can be monitored, controlled and deeply instrumented and then can be systematically improved once they are determinable. There are various effective solutions from tech togs to smart dust that will be significant in capturing the data. The mobility solutions that are cultivated for big data will be adapted to manage, coordinate and refine meaning from the large streams of digital data.

    Enhance and enlarge IT and automation of products as well as services: IoT is expected to enhance enterprise in the form of digital enterprise and it will cater IT existence of enterprises among the world. Enterprises will facilitate their products with IoT and then later design them accordingly.

    Business Intelligence and staying connected with customers and vendors place: This will give vital insights into the real world and grab our business to accommodate perceptive of reality. Through IoT enable system enterprises can get connected to the billions of customers 24×7 and this will enable companies to stay consistent.

    By: Ridhima Gupta
    Posted: August 11, 2014, 5:41 am

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