Various Trends Converging Towards Internet Of Things

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    internet-of-thingsThe extensive assembling together and connecting of devices has brought together the concept of Internet of things that is bound to lead the growth of mega trends. Here the mega trend denote to the modernisation and automation of all work processes in every field of knowledge. Be it social issues, environment, cities, industry, medical and healthcare, finance, social media marketing, Internet of Things is bound to bring connection of devices to the internet so that every piece of information lands down to huge economic as well as social revolutions. Along with all such revolutions, there is bound to be growth of extreme confusion as a lot of data will be shared from one place to another and from one user to another. Also there is going to be lot of Machine to Machine interaction. This will generate huge bouts of data that would need to be managed succinctly via data analytics.

    Internet of things is already impacting the user behaviour at home and at workplaces as automation of devices tend to receive and generate data at a fast pace. The employee behaviour, the meetings with clients and the complete workplace environment has become much more flexible since the emergence of connected devices. Besides industry advantages, there are other merits like being able to control deficits caused to local ecosystem, saving water through sprinklers and relaying the captured data via sensors. Also determining the air quality near homeplaces through various devices and taking steps to redeem the situation has become simplified. Various changes will also come when vibrations of incoming earthquake will be determined and they would be used to safeguard the lives of several people. Bridges are also being fitted with embedded devices that will relay data about the wear and tear of the architecture to prevent any type of loss of life.

    IOT has also helped smarter manufacturing to get to another level of closer integration with the internal architecture. The sensors, Programmable Logic Controllers ( PLC) and PC based controllers and management systems have so far been used as individual silos having no connection with the internal machination of the legacy structures. These structures have been existing in closed loops but with the onset of IOT, open network architectures have come to the forefront that exhibit more profound sharing of data. Big data, Internet of Things and M2M optimizations will together open paths for closer industry structures to work in a more transparent outlook.

    Google’s Eric Schmidt states that whole world, ie, about 5 million people will be connected to the internet in the next five years. Presently one out of two people are not online. In the next five years this scenario will change. Approximately 80 million devices will be used by people across the globe to share and store data for various purposes. Also, the market watcher IDATE states that number of connected objects to be used in seven years will soar to more than 40 percent. As more and more areas rely increasingly on connected devices, the users will have the need to be able to access internet round the clock in order to be able to modulate their data whenever required.

    By: Ridhima Gupta
    Posted: August 7, 2014, 9:18 am

    Mobile Programming LLC.

    Mobile Programming LLC.

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