How Applle Plans To Transform The Way You Use Apps

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    ios-apple-logoiOS is an exclusive platform that has catered around 900,000 application thereby allowing your iPhone to perform high functionalities.  As speculation runs high. it is being estimated that the release of its 8th update will integrate over million of devices worldwide in the coming future. It consists of an exclusive feature that will let developers in creating applications for the highly forthcoming release of iOS 8.  Rather than only creating focus on developers, it can be used by people in order to use softwares on their personal devices indeed. It has incorporated a significant feature that will cater end users with the new way of using their applications.

    Apple has provided with certain features that would allow large number of users to adapt it and thus it offers users applications to share data and components with each other. This all serves in saving the time taken by the users in switching between applications. If we want to make use of certain tools integrated within an application as in case of Adobe Photoshop Express, then we will have to access inside photoshop express. But on the contrary we can make use of same tools directly from Apple’s native Photos app with extensibility. In this case, the editing tools will execute in the form of an extension and photos would have direct access to it. This will thereby caters users in taking benefits of its distinct features and functionality.

    1Password is the prominent password management application that has exhibit with the way of using extensibility and that will allow users to store password data from inside any application. Extensibility serves in removing the extra steps of copying password for a site and then opening it in order to paste that password. There are several other apps that can access 1password and allow you to make its use without opening a particular application. iOS8 consists of distinct forms of extensions and its working depends upon the way they share data with other apps. Photo Editing, share and actions are certain specific functions and tasks on which extensions are highly focussed upon. This enable users to have entire control on application.

    Rather than only being secure extension also allows its users to get more information by accessing directly to iPhone’s notification center and acts as a widget. this would allow to check about the various ongoing processes and will allow you to act accordingly. It even caters you to on off smart lightning and select pre-set mood by simply swiping across notification center. Apple also unveiled with the fact that how an eBay extension will cater you to keep record of competitive sale from notification center. iOS 8 will act as a guide for social media apps in sharing things and creating its own extension. There is no denying fact that it will act as a huge step in an adequate direction for Apple.

    By: Ridhima Gupta
    Posted: August 6, 2014, 11:10 am

    Mobile Programming LLC.

    Mobile Programming LLC.

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