How Will Glass Become Mainstream

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    google-glass-montureGoogle Glass technology made one of the exclusive entries in the year 2013 and has widely laid impact on our personal lives. It can be worn as an eyewear and is considered as a hands free head-mounted intelligent device. Google Glass in its early stage of development was available only to the Glass Explorers. Rather it is obviously the demonstration of our fascination with documentation, the most necessary dupe for higher trends. It is considered to lead customers into reality. It is created in such a non distracting manner and dwell glass which seems like a screen at the corner of the user’s eye.

    Smartphones are considered to be an exclusive example of mobility that became pervasive  in a short span of time.  As speculation runs high, it was estimated that In this specific field, Google glass ignores the private issues that may make people agitated about it. Earlier people were used to use smartphones with the camera pointing at everyone. Google glass enthusiast illustrates that that it’s capacity as a video camera  have been the major hit. It was estimated that glass could record insignificant amount of video and it’s video quality wasn’t that much clear.The most compelling things about Google glass was: Rather than raising the misconceptions regarding security, it was also capable of challenging idea about how individuals communicate.

    In this fast paced technology, we have been refined in an efficient manner more than a Facebook eye. Any detail that is worth sustaining on social media or in digital clouds can be easily captured via Google Glass. Capturing the surrounding have become more easy as it used to be a more convenient smart device. For those users originality has tattered and they have become much fussy about the things they are recording. According to the reports generated, it was observed that there have been 1.5 billion photos that are posted online across several social networking sites and apps. We are being considered as glass holes, a captivating word which resembles people that do not use the devices in socially tolerable ways.

    Thus, there is an urgent need to demonstrate etiquette that are right in this new era of hyper documentation. These latest fundamentals are expected to make the focus on utility and social acceptance indeed. The main objective was to keep all in the moment, but due to its design it might eject an individual from the moment. According to the analyst, Glass in some form is expected to achieve its goal. We cannot deny with the fact that recording a concert on eye wear is unobtrusive than holding your Smartphone. Now we can interact with people on small screens with the people who are not near. In the coming future, we will find serenity between documenting and experiencing which now seems to be a bit hazy.

    By: Ridhima Gupta
    Posted: August 5, 2014, 8:53 am

    Mobile Programming LLC.

    Mobile Programming LLC.

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