How Would Wearable Technology Influence Enterprises

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    wearablesThere have been massive number of technological innovations and developments that has become reality in the wearable technology. It has laid an extensive impact on the business world that has lead in improved productivity, large user engagement thereby resulting in making large revenues  for the industry. It will not only increased the efficiency of doing work quicker but also in an efficient manner.  According to the reports generated, it is being speculated that the enterprise in regards of wearable technology will hit the $10 billion mark by the year 2016. And after this it has been calculated that the trading values which now has exceeded 19 millions will exceed 120 million by the year 2018.

    Wearables are starting to achieve some adherence at an initial phase. We all are aware of the extensive publicity around the iWatch and so people are making speculations whether they will be able to gain the same traction as the previous launches had. Wearables are expected to play a prominent role and might shape the workplace in the coming years. Instant access to data will stretch out further productivity gains thereby making job training much simpler and demanding.

    Workforce, transformation and productivity: The hands free nature of tech togs is the major asset and it lays positive impact on workers across various industries. Glass technology accommodate itself towards this in an efficient manner with the following usage in particular sectors:

    • It is beneficial for the doctors superimposing vital signs, collecting patients detail during surgeries and broadcasting it to professionals worldwide thereby executing commands with voice activations.

    • These are proficient for engineers acquiring graphics, technical details and getting remote backup while operating repairs.

    • It is useful for those that approach real time updates, as real time recordings that use rendering services and achieve data as number plate information or criminal records.

    • It is pragmatic for repository employees that are being delivered with real time data and assignments all through their route.

    • It can even be useful for the executives obtaining customer data and could be significant for sales assistance or for customers services in aviation sectors.

    Training and development: In order to improve the training capacities, augmented reality could be used within the enterprises.

    • There have been particular virtual reality headset as Oculus rift that could be used in aeronautical sector to cater practical and more alluring training. It can improvise training standards and can minimize costs of guidance basically with overall enterprises.

    • In order to give response for training purposes, Google glass is being used in enterprises to record communication that are held with customers.

    Big Data Analytics: The massive amount of data created by wearables can be utilized in enterprises in order to enhance combination, working ways and business methods. Big data can be used to drive enhancement by extracting data from wearables and can result in improving understanding of employees.

    Health and fitness: The Tech togs have been playing significant role in healthcare enterprises. They could assist enterprises by recognizing health warnings by monitoring heart rate, step counters and blood pressure. They can be useful for  the individuals working on construction site, front-line officers, military and safety cautious roles. Support teams could be able to monitor signals at an early phase and thus work accordingly in order to take adequate measures.

    By: Ridhima Gupta
    Posted: July 31, 2014, 12:45 pm

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