Apple Paid $10 Billion To Developers Last Year

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    apple ios developersApple has set a new paradigm with its various launches and innovative technologies that have been released. For most of the organizations, the drive for mobility has become the major part of the business technology. There is no denying the fact that Apple, by adapting these new technologies has led in growth of businesses and has resulted in an increased productivity. All these calls for an increased revenue thereby serving developers in an effective manner. According to the reports generated, it was estimated that there have been a massive number of increments in the revenues since last few years.
    It was observed that there have been exclusive rise of iTunes billings by 25 percent every year with the passage of time. According to the statistics, Over the past three monetary years, apple’s movies or music sales and it’s mobile application sales have resulted in the rapid growing part of its business. Among these, the company has unveiled the 75 billion Application store downloads in the starting of the month. With its exclusive sales since last few years, it has covered large market share economically.
    Apple’s successful revenue details were illustrated with the facts and figures that were observed from the previous sales. It has been said that more than $20 billion amount has been paid to the App Store developers and it was speculated that near about half of its amount was already paid in the last year. Hence it was concluded that the App Store with its iTunes software and set of services is getting doubled every year. Thus, there have been a substantial increment according to the announcements that were made in the third fiscal quarter earnings conference call in the company.
    For the quarters, US$37.4 billion revenue was unveiled in $7.7 billion in proceedings. The quarterly sale of iPad were 13.3 million whereas iPhone hit the sales by 35.2 million and Mac machine sales were speculated at 4.4 million units. The organization has enables developers with an ease of accessing iOS features which could be beneficial in the larger user engagement and number of sales. The companies have already served developers with new application development language ‘Swift’ and has also given them access on more than 4000 application programming interfaces as part of the new operating system iOS 8.
    The record billings were basically generated by $4.5 billion income from services and iTunes accomplished record billings. From a long time, the companies stock and shares seem to be relatively stable. Let us see what comes next, whether there would be more rise in the revenues or what comes next.

    By: Ridhima Gupta
    Posted: July 28, 2014, 8:02 am

    Mobile Programming LLC.

    Mobile Programming LLC.

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