Smartphones Are Becoming Smarter via Big Data

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    mobile_appWith the increase in smartphone usage in this continually shifting state of reality, the overall paradigm is changing at a rapid pace. The advent of the massive number of smartphones has become substantial in circulating large amount of information, thereby creating an augmented reality and serving in a distinct way of living. This excessive amount of information can be a bane as innovative technologies are catering in an unexpected set of services. The user could accumulate large number of photos and videos shot by themselves on their smartphones in order to create a better record of the event. With the rise in mobility, people have become more productive and it has become simpler for them to search and locate things on clouds.
    Following are the certain factors that will lead innovation towards productivity with the abundant amount of data as smartphones combines with big data:
    Big Data and our past mistakes:  Big data collaborate large amount of digital artifacts from the usage of smartphones . The internet is a medium which consists of all the details as the texts that is sent and the place from where it has been sent and stored. Big data, create algos on the basis of a large amount of data that can be nourished, derived, distributed and computed using smart devices. Thus it caters in compensating decisions made at strategic levels, thereby providing benefits from the most effective criterion.

    Wisdom of Crowd: It  is an important component that allows us to remind the tasks that we did last time, the number of projects and the assignments that didn’t execute. The queries that arise are that whether the Linkedin will be able to monitor the individuals dealing with project, track record and check it’s capability of achieving goals. The apps that are integrated in Smartphones enables in enhancing our choices as how we consume our time and allot our exclusive resources by using patterns and relationship in the rousing manner.

    When smartphone meets big data: There have been several sectors as healthcare, food, infrastructure and insurance that uses contemporary smartphone mobility unified with mobile data. Healthcare sectors have improved method of operations, thus cardiologist can now tract patient’s performance on his smartphone by setting in distinct part of the world. There have been the advent of technologies that allows an individual to check all major signs as BP, hemoglobin, blood pressure, heart rate and various other health related activities. Thus smartphones are becoming a compelling device that gathers valuable data and transform it into invaluable advice.
    In order to cater high relevant experiences, enterprises can associate with customers in real time and achieve clear vision at the intersection of big data. The organizations that are relevant in extracting real time analytic perception across industries from big data are enhancing their customer bases. In order to drive more business productivity and emerge offerings, this is being performed via data available regarding mobile users and their communication with the applications. According to the reports generated, it is being assumed that smartphones will become smarter because of the big data that will cater them with the computing ability to make sense of data stored by the year 2017.

    By: Ridhima Gupta
    Posted: July 25, 2014, 10:17 am

    Mobile Programming LLC.

    Mobile Programming LLC.

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