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    internet of thingsAccording to the reports, more than 26 billion of IoT devices are going to be deployed by the year 2020 in order to make large revenues. Marketers are moving briskly towards taking out a large amount of products in order to address specific needs. It is becoming crucial for IT executive to take out conclusion how the IoT can be applied in businesses as it is highly focused on consumer oriented products and apps. Thus it is being assumed that it lacks standards even after the efforts being made in front. Thus, there have been several strategies that help you in initiating through the lump of IoT data. In order to create enterprise scale IoT applications, we focussed on areas that have products and software that hold possibility for the businesses as well as organizations emphasizing on IoT platforms.

    Cityhome: This is a technology that can be applied to office area which is capable of transforming in accordance that suit your needs with just a snap of your hand. A setup can be adjusted according to the needs of an organization . These kind of technologies can be applied to acquire less apace by enlarging their space when employees are travelling.

    Audio Processing system: Real time audio processing is being marketed which allows user to develop the sound frequency you want to hear. It can be controlled by an application for Google and Android phones and it enable users to inundate out the atmospheric noise in a crowded place so that you can hear your Co workers better. It could be used in any industrial sector and enables people to communicate better with those around them.

    Sociometric solutions: This allows managers to measure employee attitude at workplace by observing face to face interaction. This can be made possible by deploying sensors, microphones and Bluetooth into employee ID badges. It also allows managers to monitor the work activities going around in the organization and caters them to the dashboard on which they monitor the overall work processes. This dashboard can even enable employees to look how their efficiency heaps up.

    WiFi enabled environment: WiFi enabled efficient technology must be applied in all the products so that the devices may get controlled via smartphone application. According to the reports, there have been energy adequate LED smart bulbs that are controlled via smartphone application. Similarly, this smart technology can be applied in a commercial setting and it is the simplest and economical way to extricate your products.

    Netatmo: This is another component which is based basically on the personal use market  and caters weather station that not only monitors temperature and humidity but also checks levels of CO2. It is highly proficient for those companies that are  looking to acquiesce along or exceed government standards. Similarly, sun exposure wristband is useful for the workers, technicians and others who are out for work in construction sites.

    Elecric Imp: It offers a platform which enables devices to get connected to the internet. It also caters WiFi enabled processor, operating system and an open application programming interface that allows users to add monitoring, messaging and several other services. It’s cloud based services offered organization to execute server side code which can be taken into use to deceive heavy tasks, thereby unifying your products to everything having Internet access.

    ThingWorx(IoT Platform): It allows organisations to deploy machine to machine and IoT apps briskly using distinct data sources. It enables to connect millions of devices thereby providing storage, analytics, execution and associating capacity for apps. Keeping in mind the goal of plug and play functionality, the enterprises highly focusses on creating partnerships with a varied amount of M2M and IoT players.

    By: Ridhima Gupta
    Posted: July 25, 2014, 6:14 am

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