The Opportunity Areas Revolving Around The Internet of Things

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    IOTThe biggest reason behind the technological innovations today is Internet of Things that is driving enterprise and users to collaborate to merge people, processes and data into one single entity via the internet services. There has been a shift of focus from smartphones to wearables and sensors. There has also been greater embedding of sensors in the upcoming devices. Many of the smart devices are centered towards one function, rest might serve many utilities. Google Glass has found usability in the healthcare sector. It is being incorporated to bridge the communication gap between the physician and the patients. Also the devices are being used to monitor and record images during the surgery.These records are further being used as a reference for other related cases. The Glass is also being used in medical schools to effectively hold classes and render medical training of the various delicate cases to the students. Not just this, there is a plethora of devices being launched by various IT corporations to merge the data and offer every functionality to the user at his/ her fingertips.

    Internet of things finds applications in most of the sectors today having witnessed the need to access the internet 24×7. IOT enables devices can be used for environmental purposes. There can be devices to detect when the air quality around users’ home has started depleting and is full of pollutants. There can also be devices to transmit data about the life and extinction rate of marine ecosystem. This data can further be used to safeguard the life inside oceans for preserving the entire ecosystem at large. Agriculture can immensely benefit by the successful incorporation of sensor based devices. There can be smart farms that are able to detect the soil quality and the percentage of nutrients inside the soil. The manure as well as the fertilizers can be added after the analysis of the relayed information. Also the sensors can used detect the water level so that sprinklers can be stopped at the correct time after watering the entire area. This in turn will save huge quantity of water.

    The consumption of energy resources will double in the next few years and conservation as well as smart utilization of these resources is a must. The sensors can be implied on the wind turbines to notify the direction of the wind and the  wind speed and keep the windmill working even when the direction changes. The refrigerators can also have sensors that can inform users when a food supplement has withered and should not be consumed. Internet of things can also be used for Public safety. The bridges can be embedded with sensors that can relay the degeneration of the architecture to the base center. The percentage of lacking materials in the strength of the bridge can be recorded and later repaired to avoid loss of life of citizens. The speed of deformity and spread of wave of earthquakes can be recorded if proper sensor based devices are implemented in time. These can render data about the incoming earthquake frequencies and the people can be shifted to safety zones in due time. Therefore, smart devices are not just industry implied systems but are highly benevolent for the overall safety of the planet today.

    By: Ridhima Gupta
    Posted: July 24, 2014, 1:22 pm

    Mobile Programming LLC.

    Mobile Programming LLC.

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