Terrific furnishing of Arne Jacobsen in Copenhagen hotel

    Shairy Vaid
    By Shairy Vaid

    Hotels in the city of Copenhagen have one thing common in them that is the incredible Danish designs and its innovative interiors. Alexandra Hotel in the city centre Copenhagen is one of the regal hotels of world which is renowned for its terrific retro architecture and interior that allows you to peep into Danish history. The classic Danish design rooms and suites are designed and embellished by some world-renowned Danish architects such as Arne Jacobsen, Finn Juhl, Hans J. Wegner, Ole Wanscher and many others. The terrific excellence of these architects can easily be seen in every corner of this hotel.

    Denmark has numerous inns but Hotel Alexandra is the only one which gives a pleasant taste of Danish history and creativity. This grand opulent hotel is located in the heart of Copenhagen near the Tivoli Gardens and Town Hall Square. Boutique Hotel Copenhagen is well established name in the domain due to a combination of vintage infrastructure and exclusive outlines along with the highly advanced administrations and high end civilities. Celebrities like Louis Vuitton and many other are our frequent guests. Experience the historical art through its fascinating retro shops, where one can buy the historic artifacts, designs and lot more at reasonable prices.

    Hotel Alexandra is the perfect place to see the incredible work of Arne Jacobsen in Copenhagen hotel. The SAS Royal Hotel designed by Arne Jacobsen is said to be the most valued work of his. His furnishings gave an unbelievable help in popularizing of the Danish concepts globally. It is a fusion of the modern and the ancient time which gives an enriching experience to the guests. In 2013, Hotel Alexandra gone through renovation and the rooms in the hotel were beautifully decorated with furniture, lamps, wallpapers and textiles in the 50′s style as done by design loving Danes. In the beginning of year 2014 renovation of the last rooms took place and they were outfitted just as the design loving Danes did it in the 60´s.

    Boutique Hotel Copenhagen is an epitome of innovation and creativity, which is strategically designed and furnished by Danish architects. This impressive piece of art consists of 61 suites which are superbly endowed and well furnished in such a way that they gives you utmost comfort and luxurious experience with its retro furniture and traditional outlines. This hotel serves it guest rich and ultra luxurious amenities with the charismatic infrastructure, fascinating furniture and terrific interior designs.
    For more information visit at http://www.hotelalexandra.dk/danish-design/the-architects/arne-jacobsen-1902-71