Consumers Are Benefiting From The War Between Apple And Google

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    google-and-appleApp development is so far the biggest driver of mobility solutions as more and more devices are getting paired in order to offer numerous utilities to the user base across the globe. Various devices from various organisations are present in the market that have multitudinous functionalities. The smart machines are all being restructured again in order to be able to pair with other surrounding medium and offer the users maximum related information of his living as well as non living environment. Apple and Google have always been competing over their platforms and devices. Lately there has been lot of innovations from both the bandwagons in order to deliver the best from their respective sides, to the tech-freak users. App development has simplified over the years which has made the overall duration of app development to reduce. The projects can be covered in less time with less efforts due to the facility of  extensive frameworks and tools that requires less coding from the developer side.

    Even though Apple holds the best features and the most satisfied user base, the market share of Google cannot be ignored. The revenue generated by Apple is still way larger than that by Google but the growing popularity and user base has certainly put Google as well as its platform in a better stead. Android has 80 percent of market share and it is increasingly been used in emerging countries like China, India etc. Google was initially the one to lay more focus on Internet of things as the users wanted more automations in their day to day tasks. In the hectic panel of life today, more tasks need to be carried by means of devices than by hand. This ideology led to development and launch of many useful devices, hence connected devices came as the complete solution growing connectivity requisites.

    Android has always faced fragmentation problems as one app was not operable on previous Android versions. Gradually this issue is being resolved as apps are now getting to work on multiple versions. Google has always been releasing important launches to cater to the user base it serves and it has fairly been successful in doing the same. The revenue being generated still might be less but as users switch from IOS to Android the total app revenue is getting to increase in the present times. Such mobility solutions were earlier just launched for the end user base. But as more devices were being carried by the users to the workplaces, the automation of work processes in offices also began.

    The concept of BYOD and BYOA have had far reaching effects on the work scenarios of businesses. More technology driven enterprise solutions are being brought to corporate environment. With corporate owned devices, the data of the employees remains safe within the company network. Also the user can segregate his personal and professional data by recent changes brought by Google in the form of Android Work. Therefore, the battle between the two tech companies stands in favor of the users as they are the ones to get most competent solutions at minimal prices.

    By: Ridhima Gupta
    Posted: July 24, 2014, 6:12 am

    Mobile Programming LLC.

    Mobile Programming LLC.

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