Swift Programming Language Has Garnered Much Enthusiasm Among iOS Developers

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    swift-apple-programming-languageA new era of iOS Application has been taking place with its innovative technologies that are slated to be released. Apples swift programming language was the new innovative technology which was introduced at WWDC event this year. On Apples platform it was expected to replace the Objective-C as the core language. Within two months catalogue of programming popularity, It has gained excessive popularity for development of iOS and OS X apps. There is no denying the fact that after being released by the Apple, the popularity of swift language is reaching at its peak. There have been several rumors regarding its popularity and Apple’s Swift will contemplate the enthusiasm remain high among the tech savvy.

    According to the reports generated that the first rating of swift programming language is among top 20. This estimation was done on the basis of method calculating searches regarding various programming languages on multiple search engines. This new programming language has adopted various exclusive features of other programming languages as augmented memory management, type inference and script-like syntax. IT professionals recommend that Apple is speeding up its efforts with Swift and trying to pace up with Java and C#. It is basically designed to serve for a purpose and hence it is contradictory to that of Google Go.

    On the basis of first week data, In the very first week after the release of language researches stated that it will come in ninth position. The new iPhone and iPad applications in the coming future will be run on the Swift programming language thereby improving its popularity among top 20 languages. According to the facts and figures illustrated, it was observed that in the Tiobe index it received 1.054 percent of share and in PyPL it observed 3 percent share. In regards to swift, there have been 260 repositories found which was earlier observed to be at 157 over a month ago.

    The inspiration of development of Swift has been drawn out from massive number of languages. In order to make the code more simpler and learnable, certain ideas were taken to combine an exclusive Playground feature for Swift in Xcode, on the basis of previous theories. The demands have been rising at a rapid pace and let see whether it will make swift among top 10 player in programming languages. Because of its fast and easy to use platform, Swift is expected to be the powerful tool for the development of Applications and will significantly increase the efficiency criterion of an application.

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    By: Ridhima Gupta
    Posted: July 23, 2014, 8:38 am

    Mobile Programming LLC.

    Mobile Programming LLC.

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