What Does Apple-IBM Deal mean for iOS Developers

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    ios developers The conversion of mobile from a communication device to a powerful, robust tool could lead to some major changes in this fast paced technological world. There is no denying the fact that 90 percent of Fortune 500 organizations consists of IOS devices and still it has been observed that invasion of these businesses for mobility is too less. Thus IT professional believes that Apple in order to continue its growth in the enterprise market need to pace up with the evolving technology. Apple is going to attain higher profits with this Apple-IBM deal because it has been observed that IBM has maintained a very high presence in the enterprise market. This will thereby cater Apple in extending its market presence in the community and iOS developers could also have the major benefit in generating large revenues in the enterprise space.

    As speculation runs high, it is being speculated that Apple’s swift programming language that was released in the month of June is likely to get a big hit with this partnership. Even after offering security benefits, swift programming language is not considered to be the language which is particularly adaptable towards business growth. It is expected that IBM will enable in few consultants that will push its customers towards  that direction by making a long term win for Apple. The security is the basic fundamental for businesses. Swift is considered as the more enhanced form of objective C that enable to address small errors that a developer can make while coding.

    It was estimated that swift was basically designed to ensure safety with variables that have to be computed before use. It was expected that variables have to be initialized before use so that they could be used to check the overflow and automatic memory management. Swift thus was basically designed for security and thus partnership has the probability to address these concerns. The enhanced enterprise, app-loaded iPhones and iPads will be a motivation for organizations that wants to achieve a higher level of data security and exclusive efficiency. This will also aid in serving a massive number of industry specific business solutions along with the applications that are perfectly created for iOS devices.

    The new applications that have been served by this method cover an array of IBM cloud services consolidated for iOS devices. Device management, mobile integration, analytics and privacy are a few aspects which have been highly focused during app development. Apple care services and offerings will accommodate according to the requirement of the business ecosystem. Apple’s aims to achieve higher efficiency and dependability by the new packaged offerings that were catered for device activation and management by IBM. Thus this has lead in increasing the proliferation of iOS devices with the rise across further enterprise applications and service. This has thereby lead in an increased demand for the significant skills.

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    Posted: July 21, 2014, 1:16 pm

    Mobile Programming LLC.

    Mobile Programming LLC.

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