Google Is Getting Serious For Enterprise Mobility

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    android enterprise mobilityEnterprise mobility has reached a new plethora of technical expertise with the upcoming versions of android reaching the market. The recent Apple and Google developer conferences have made significant announcements in regards to Internet of things and their smart devices in the consumer market. There have also been announcements of launch of the new version of the platform by each of the IT bandwagons. Google has made a great headstart with its latest iteration.

    Android Work will take the world of enterprise mobility to a higher level by distinguishing the usages while keeping the user in the same cobweb of previously used applications. The same device is seen to be in use for both professional as well as personal use. There is therefore a heightened need to segregate the data for both usages while also keeping the data secure as well as integrated in the same smart machine.

    Enterprise Mobile Management Provider keeps different containers for personal as well as professional lives but the look of apps as well as data remains similar for the end user. Also Android Work apps when enabled would inform users that they are in work mode. This control as well as separation of user personal and corporate profiles propagates rightful maintenance of data. Also in the case of corporate owned devices, the transmission of data from one device to another and between apps can be controlled. New APIs have been launched so it has also become convenient for the developers to strictly focus on meeting enterprise ends.

    Also the EMM (Enterprise Mobile Management) delivers safer login to enterprise servers, authenticate access to enterprise apps and keep the user profiles segregated. Android Work is a great innovation in the world of multiple platforms serving different functionality to different users. A closer sync of development is yet required to merge Android Work with enterprise solutions but these innovations will surely take the stagnant state of mobility in corporate ecosystem to the next higher strata.

    By: Ridhima Gupta
    Posted: July 19, 2014, 6:06 am

    Mobile Programming LLC.

    Mobile Programming LLC.

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