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    ios app extensionsApple introduced several products and launches that were slated to be released at the world wide developer conference. It has introduced several features under iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite that will enable third parties to tap into social integration features. With the development of sharing extension, third party social sites cater users with the set of tools for sharing documents or media links. In order to ensure the file sharing and security Apple had to develop new App extension architectures without disclosing the system for performance, privacy and security issue. Because of the underlying controversies existing between Google and Facebook this work has taken longer time duration in getting completed. Recommendation includes certain features that assure to extend iOS and OS X by enabling new and existing web services.

    Facebook controversies that helped Apple to associate with Twitter in iOS 5: In order to support multiplayer games in iOS 4.1. Apple unveiled Game center as a separate social network and it has gained massive momentum because of its useful gaming functionality. Later it focussed on developing an architecture which was confined to support third party social networks in which major impact was put up on Facebook and Twitter. The several controversies regarding high profile on facebook with ping has laid apple in releasing iOS 5 with Twitter integration within it.

    Facebook obtains iOS 6 integration, misses OS X Mountain Lion and delivers native iOS app: Cocoa Touch Facebook app for iOS was created via Facebook for iPhone and Apple. Apple also unveiled iOS 6 that amplified iOS 5 from Twitter to Facebook with a new social framework. Apple also inhibited share sheet abutment for all social networking sites in OS x mountain and has brought its own game center to OS X.

    Facebook Flops at home: According to the reports generated, Apple’s platform was generating high revenues in comparison to Android by making iOS as a preeminent mobile advertising revenue for Facebook. This all was possible because of the premium customers getting attracted with iPhones and iPads. Rather than making speculation in the context of Apple, Facebook has started to shift his focus on burgeoning into new categories and also towards online advertising.

    Social features in Photos, iPhoto & iCloud: In order to save multimedia files from iPhoto into a cloud based repository, MobileMe Gallery became another component that enabled users to perform this functionality by replacing RSS photocasting. Photo stream and iCloud sharing were another features for automatically sharing photos by turning a magnified camera roll into a tool.

    Deets on Share Sheets: Shared links in Safari 7.0 is a feature which was integrated in OS X Mavericks which is used to extract web page URLs from social networks feeds you follow. Apple with the growth in technologies is now paving support for third parties in order to unify support for their own set of services. Rather than making use of Apple’s stock sharing sheet, Apple is implementing other social networking sites in order to customize share sheet presentation.

    By: Ridhima Gupta
    Posted: July 18, 2014, 6:02 am

    Mobile Programming LLC.

    Mobile Programming LLC.

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