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    androidLGoogle has always been the leading service provider that is paving path for businesses with its large number of innovative technology that is slated to be released. Recently at its keynote, Google unveiled the release of Android’s Next version Android L. Operating system’s new design was the major center of attraction and it is going to affect most of the people. By this it also going to offer lucrative opportunities to the consumers and it will serve them to achieve their goals. There is no denying fact that it has not only focussed on visualization but it has also added exclusive features that is going to improve the operating system in an efficient manner. There were several features that were already announced but recommendation incorporate some additional features that are expected to arrive with Android L update:

    ART: Android Run Time application is going to replace old Dalvik Application and it has been further enhanced in Android L version.  In case of Android run time application, when apps are installed it compiles bytecode to native code and there is no need of recompiling code again. The performance of App is improved via ART and it makes it more imminent. Although, ART takes longer time in optimizing applications but it assures in improvising battery, caters in reduce memory usage of apps and has been highly beneficial for developers.

    Project Volta, Battery Saver and Scheduling Jobs: The focus has also been laid upon extending the battery life. Android L is expected to have the feature that will let user know about the time remaining in current charge and name of applications that will drain the battery. A new scheduling job application programming interface will optimize battery life by assigning tasks to run asynchronously at later time instead of running on a battery power. Battery saver feature was yet another major component that can be added manually to dim the display, slow down CPU and for removing animation effects in order to save the battery. Dumpsys batterystats command was another tool that could be used to examine battery life.

    Camera API: Android L’s new camera Application Programming Interface will cater apps to save images in DNG format. It enables camera sensors to preserve more information by delivering full resolution images with the same speed with which the hardware is designed to capture.


    By: Ridhima Gupta
    Posted: July 12, 2014, 7:37 am

    Mobile Programming LLC.

    Mobile Programming LLC.

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