How Is Google Glass Affecting Tourism Industry

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    Google_Glass_detail-600x450There have been a massive number of technological innovations that are unveiling set of fashionable perceptions into the reality. Google Glass has proved to be highly functional as well as lucrative and it has been the substantial attempt that brought the method of Augmented reality. There is no denying fact that Smartphones has been the most outstanding device with its most exclusive features that caters while travelling and guides us regarding new places to currency converters. As speculation runs high, people are expecting Google Glass to be the next big thing in the wave of technology. It consists of a small screen above eye level that connects wirelessly with smartphones. It has laid positive impacts on varied industrial sectors, whether be it a healthcare, IT or tourism companies.

    Google is spreading its innovative technologies into various sectors and it is being assumed that Google’s entrance into travel sector is expanding. So it is being assumed that sooner there will be more features that will relate to travel industry.According to the reports generated there are few travel companies that are contributing Google Glass to customers. Travel companies will even start taking the concept of Google Glass seriously  both from functionality and content prospects that how its feature and services cater to their businesses as well as consumers.

    Usage of Glass in Travel Industry:

    • Hotel & Flight search: Glass has integrated functionality that enables users with the list of all hotels that are located in the city, rather than just dragging the hotel or flight search widgets. This entirely paved the new way to Google Glass and has taken its usage on some extraordinary level.  So the hotel proprietor must ensure that they properly mark their location along with the latitude and longitude on the Google maps so that it may get listed on Google Hotel Finder.

    • Real-time discounts: Glass exhibits various features and it has the capability to ensure user with all the discounts that are going on in different hotels, restaurants and several other nearby places that user is visiting or about to visit. In order to avail this feature, Google offers might be integrated and several deals can be done on the basis of customer’s previous buying pattern. This would enable portals to know regarding more details of the customer.

    • Google+ goes big: There will be several characteristics as Google+ and Google Local that will get integrated into Google and will thereby help in generating large revenues.

    • Passbook in Glass: Depending on the users location, tech giants will cater them with the relevant tickets and will according send all the details on their glass via smartphones.

    • Google Now in Glass: There are certain components in Glass that demonstrate nearby photo spot and various exclusive destinations to a place. There are several reasons of inhibiting these features and they can even identify a user’s location. User can easily send mails, messages, record as well as send video via voice commands. Thus, exclusive technologies were offered by Google Glass and let see whether Google Glass will be the future of tourism or not.

    By: Ridhima Gupta
    Posted: July 11, 2014, 12:13 pm

    Mobile Programming LLC.

    Mobile Programming LLC.

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