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    AppleApple has always been on its toes and it has always been the fastest growing mobility company that has achieved remarkable levels of growth.The main thing that has been highly focused on WWDC event was the developer centric approach with the launch of of new application programming interface, shared services and a new programming language. Technology has emerged over the years and has reformulated the market at a rapid rate by positioning itself for the future. There have been several tools that are integrated in iOS 8 and will enable developers to create featured applications that no one has ever thought of. There have been amendments in the App store as well that made it feasible for consumer as well as developer to browse and promote the app. As speculation runs high, iOS 8 is being expected as the major launch since the release of the App store.

    iOS 8 seems to be more expandable as nowadays applications can enlarge the system and cater services to the other apps with full security and stability. The system also caters for third party keyboards as swipe and reveals the camera application programming interface and let third party application use Touch ID. This is being considered as a big change and thus sets up iOS to provide a much affluent ecosystem in moving forward.

    Health, Home and cloud connections:

    • The revamped application programming interface is a tool that lets developers to broaden their existing apps. There have been several services as Healthkit that can be used to track body functioning, thereby resulting in a complex profile of your fitness. Tech giants have been working with a larger medical organization that instantly call a user on detecting something wrong by visualizing data from diverse applications.

    • Home Kit was another tool that was designed basically to control the home appliances. This consists of a network called scenes that can monitor individual or multiple devices. This network can be combined with Siri in order to fabricate your home accordingly as you ask Siri when you are on the way to your home.

    • CloudKit was another component that was released for handling multiple tasks as storage, notifications and hosting of cloud Applications. Its capacity would be calculated according to the number of users, so it was crucial to compete with other existing hosting providers.

    Gaming gets better 3D Graphics:

    • There have been major importance given in the development of Games among which Metal, set of API’s was the key feature which was created to let game developers access directly to Apple’s current processor.

    • It offers multitasking feature by reducing the overhead of instruction set. iOS 8 will also cater large amount of realistic materials and consist of more animations for free than you usually see.

    • It is going to endeavor SceneKit and SpriteKit which is a 2D gaming engine and now is augmenting with SceneKit that offers 3D scene rendering.

    Swift Programming Language:

    • This was basically designed to replace objective C which was being used to create Mac and iOS apps.

    • It was much more efficient and faster than the objective C but uses the same memory management and runtime, so both the languages could run side by side within the same application.

    By: Ridhima Gupta
    Posted: July 9, 2014, 12:07 pm

    Mobile Programming LLC.

    Mobile Programming LLC.

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