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    images (1)The battle between the two most popular mobile platforms i.e. Android and IOS seems to have become inevitable. Both Apple and Google have made steady releases in their WWDC and I/O Conference of 2014. While Apple came up with IOS 8, OS X 10.10, Healthbook app and home kit, Google also ushered with the announcements of Android L, Android Auto, Android TV, Android Wear enabled smartwatches and so on. Both the corporate houses are bringing forward best incarnations of technological advances with each passing year.

    With the progressions being made in the field of IOT, devices are being enabled to communicate without the human intervention. Several artificial intelligence techniques and embedded devices are being enforced for ascertaining this purpose. The usability of smartphone is being extended to becoming the sole controller of devices inside and outside the home. Many challenges are being faced by developers and users alike, in consolidating the devices and apps together to perform the expected functions.

    Google and Apple have brought forward great innovations and certain distinguishing factors makes one product sometimes better than the other.

    • User Interface : Android L has in store the Material Design which has offered an altogether new look to the Android with more space to bold colors, innovative typography, increase in animations for touch feedback and transitions between apps. There is also a nested scrolling effect that fragments the elements of this Android’s UI. There are also flatter icons and softer edges of the apps. On the other hand, IOS 8 retains the same clean look it had before with even more creative designs.

    • APIs: There are about 4000 new APIs introduced within IOS 8. Google has surpassed that landmark by launching about more than 5000 APIs. Android L has also come with support for 64 bit processors. ART ( Android run time ) has been adapted now, that is expected to give the device essential speed boosts. This runtime makes use of AOT ( Ahead of time) rather than JIT ( Just-in -time) which brings upon improvement over battery life and general performance.

    Apple also released the Swift programming language for iOS 8 and further OS X development. There are newer tools to help developers fix bugs quickly and also witness the changes in REPL form of coding.

    • Notifications and Security features: Apple introduced interactive form of notifications having less intrusion with popups designed to appear at the top of the screen of the mobile applications. Google has brought forth the same feature of checking notifications when screen is locked and diving straight into the apps. Location awareness and bluetooth devices will now be able to authenticate the user for better security features. Apple is looking forward to bring the same characteristic in its iWatch.

    There is a better support of Android L with smartwatches. The newly downloaded apps in the android device will directly sync with  the smartwatch. Also there is a better battery backup, easy sync of Android Auto with the android device and mirroring of notifications on Android L onto the Chromebook. Similar functionality has been brought by Apple in its iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite. It is worthwhile to observe that both the tech giants are delivering their bits of technological advancements that is paving way for connected devices and Internet of Things.

    By: Ridhima Gupta
    Posted: July 9, 2014, 12:23 pm

    Mobile Programming LLC.

    Mobile Programming LLC.

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