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    Innovative technologies as wearables in this fast paced world are catering new opportunities for the organization in order to initiate and impulse business growth. It is emerging as a leading technology that faces few challenges, thereby driving efficiencies and creating new methods for a better world. They may be entering rapidly in an enterprise and displaying sensitive information with their prevalent growth among organizations. According to the discussion held in the conference, it was estimated that there will be several issues that organizations will have in adapting mobile advertising. Thus, Tech giants are speeding up their efforts towards sustainable business that will aid consumers as well as the employees of an organization.

    Apple and Google are the leading service provider companies that are moving towards connected devices that acquiesce mobile devices with watches, appliances and cars. This gives vital insights to the retailers that how they should communicate with the everyday objects and there have been certain groups of agencies in which ideologies are actually practical. Recommendation includes certain fields for which connected devices is the next big thing:

    Automobile sector: There have been certain big brands that are kicking their initiative into high gear by further seeing big opportunity in the connected car. There is no denying fact that these big brands need to cater significant amount of money for the development of these new cars. It is very crucial to create connected cars because people are switching cars after a few years and all the phenomena of connecting cars would take a lot longer.

    Home automation: Recognizing the greater need of artificial intelligence in home appliances, IT organizations will unveil a massive number of smart appliances. In order to serve marketing purposes, there must be appliances as smart beds that may finally engage to find out consumers sleep habits. Before deploying such devices the companies must figure out several assets of device that could act beneficiary in consumer’s life.

    Healthcare sector: There have been significant advances of wearable devices that are being used to serve healthcare professionals as well as consumers. There have been a massive number of devices as wearable fitness trackers that are used to track major signs and vital functions of the body. These devices are being used by healthcare professional in order to monitor patients blood pressure, heart rate and much more. The field for such kind of portable devices has become more relevant and are on fast track to growth, with the increase of apps in varied sectors.

    Multimedia: Multimedia industry is also keeping fast pace with more tech savvy people by developing technologies with mobile and TVs as more viewing shifts over to smartphones and Tablets. In the coming future, the environment around TV is expected to change the overall paradigm of multimedia sector. Brand marketers are searching for more ways that may serve to take mobile video further by accommodating content  toward particular group. There would be a new set of lean back application programming interface that would cater easy access of content across the room in an effortless manner.

    By: Ridhima Gupta
    Posted: July 8, 2014, 1:35 pm

    Mobile Programming LLC.

    Mobile Programming LLC.

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