Home automation will be the next big thing in consumer technology

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    Android_TV_ledeGoogle has been making fast advances towards home automation by launching various innovations at the recent I/O conference. There has been a lot of buzz going around connected devices and Internet of things. This is also the reason why corporate houses like Google and Apple are speedily launching innovations in the same direction. There is a growing need to connect home appliances to users’ smartphones and wearables in order to lend complete control of surroundings to the users. This will help keep the user connected to his data, devices, home and surroundings all the time. Also the elderly people prefer living independently. This is also why home monitoring systems are so much of a success today. Greater developments are needed in the same field so that all devices at home including TV, refrigerators, thermostats, washing machines are connected to the users’ hand held devices.

    WWDC 2014 marked an important event in the history of connected devices as important announcements regarding healthbook app, home kit, iOS 8 and OS X 10.10 were made. Google has also made important releases in the I/O Conference held at the Moscone Center, San Francisco. Android L, Android TV, Android Auto, Smartwatch have finally made their way to the consumer sector. The idea around the Android TV is to hand over the utilities of controlling the television to the smart phone. The channels can be flipped over even when the user is not in the same room. The launch of Android TV is an important landmark in the process of Google home automation system. Further progressions are being made in the same direction by connecting all smart appliances, gaming platforms, CD Players and LED light bulbs through a new IPv6 wireless system.

    The concept of Android @Home dates back to the Google I/O conference of 2011 where it was first discussed. The first anticipated product in this context was Android connected LED Light Bulb. Later there were few traces of Android @Home released with the Android 4.2.2. Several developers and designers were hired to build the further cloud services related to the home automation system. Speech recognition and natural language processing techniques ( content aware, embedded and online ) are still being  augmented to consolidate these with the smartphones. Immense effort was also levied upon to build the client and server side infrastructure so that all Google products could work in coherence.The plan behind the overall home automation is to connect the Android smartphones, Google apps, swipe functionality, thermostat, etc altogether to manage the resources at home automatically. The UI used for Google Now cards and Voice Recognition would be major steps in fulfilling the dream of home automation.

    Mobile apps developers have been steadily putting great efforts towards connecting data and device with the users . Also these mobility solutions have been adapted in the corporate environment to streamline these with the legacy processes. With the emergence of various smart devices and wearables, bouts of data is being accumulated in the cloud which can easily be accessed through a number of services. This data if accessed via efficient app solutions can be used to control a variability of devices in and around homes. By the launch of Android TV, Google made its plan clear that it would be bringing more innovations in the area of home automations.

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    Posted: July 1, 2014, 6:12 am

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