Apple and Google both are now gunning for internet of things

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    internet-of-thingsInternet of things has been the greatest driver of innovations in technology as well as compelling business changes over the past decade. The next few years are expected to witness huge developments in private as well as public sector where devices will be able to control most of the human performed operations. More and more organisations will be making use of connected devices, hardware, networks, platforms, data analytics and cloud services for accomplishing business objectives. There have been leading innovations from the giant corporate houses, namely, Google and Apple in the area of Internet of things.

    At the recently concluded WWDC 2014, Apple talked about home kit, which is basically a set of tools for IOT enabled devices that can interoperate with the iOS devices. Also Google has announced its Android TV in the I/O Conference recently held at the Moscone Centre, San Francisco. Meanwhile the doorbells, garage doors, in-house lighting and cars are being connected to the smartphones which will soon become the sole operator for all devices at home as well as the workplace. Many organisations have already launched important innovations in the area of Internet of Everything. The idea is to connect the entire data of the user to the internet in order to offer maximum usability by analyzing the saved data.

    There are already millions of mobile applications present to operate a slew of devices. The biggest challenge for the mobile apps developers is now to overcome the obstacles between platforms and variability of apps and rather offer one solution for performing all  similar operations. It is needful and appropriate to have one app to control the thermostat, air conditioning, refrigerator, lighting, heating and other such functions at home. The easier integration of the devices with the hand held devices will make it flexible for IOT to happen at a faster pace. Google and Apple are both catering to these growing areas of Artificial Intelligence and Information Technology to deliver robust solutions to the consumer as well as the enterprise sector.

    More and more devices are coming with internet facility already enabled in them. This is making it easy to operate them via the smartphones. Most of the developers look forward to either Android or iOS for creating new strategies and innovations to initiate effective level of interaction amidst the devices. With the launch of products like iBeacon, the gap between the online shopping and retail store will certainly vanish. Android’s Nearby is not ready to be used in the consumer sector yet but still the ramifications of this product shall be great when it is incorporated. Nearby would directly connect to the user’s devices and users will not have to deliberately pair their personal devices with other devices present in the shopping malls.

    As the use of devices for sharing and accumulating data is increasing every day, IOT is gradually taking the form of a sure reality.  Leading organisations are bringing forth intuitive user experience of smart devices to the people across the globe. The handheld devices today have surpassed the primordial usage of smartphones when they were used for emailing and messaging. Gradually the range of utilities incremented to the use of social media, mobile banking etc. Now these mobile devices are playing a smart role in controlling the environment around the user. In the not so distant future, there will be sophisticated cobweb of all such smart devices intermingled to output all user functions in an extremely efficient manner.

    By: Ridhima Gupta
    Posted: July 1, 2014, 1:42 pm

    Mobile Programming LLC.

    Mobile Programming LLC.

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