Everyone is talking about Android Wear after Google IO

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    imagesIT organizations with the onset of current ecosystem are creating diverse combination of wearable technology. As we continue to grow forward, IT professionals continue to seek technology from a different perspective by producing countless opportunities for wearers. There are large number of organization that are entering into the manufacturing of products. Wearable technology process is rapidly being developed and transformed by leveraging technology. Thus Tech giants are making move towards creating significant number of devices that are smarter, smaller and more efficient in comparison to large hand held devices. In the recent world wide developer conference held at San Francisco, Android revealed more Android wear among which smart watches that will run the software was the major attraction

    Extending an Android mobile operating system is one of the major themes of Google I/O event this year which assures to increase the number of users by one billion. As speculation runs high, there will be launch of significant number of Android wear based smartwatch. These devices are expected to be more convenient, cheaper and socially acceptable. Rather than only focussing on creating design for android and tablets it has decided to expertise one rational vision  for mobile desktop and beyond. The main objective behind the release of Android wear is to outward relevant and circumstantial notifications for short communications. According to the reports generated, people engross in their mobiles to perform maximum amount of work. The basic concept was to enable the users with the right information by catering smooth experience.

    Recommendation concludes following features of Android wear smart watches:

    • It enable users to get fast access to information and does not require pad touch or a head flick up to start listening. The Android wear devices are likewise much better and always remains on as well as it is always ready for a voice command.

    • It is designed in such a manner that it supports both rectangular and round screens. It performs large number of functions as tracking weather details, commute time and various other details for browsing. The app which is downloaded from Google play will automatically get downloaded into the smartwatch having version for Android wear.

    • The interface provided by the Android wear will let users to send messages, accept and reject calls, control music and exhibit code such as boarding passes. It is based on voice commands and thus allows customers to add reminders and ask questions. These queries that starts with ‘OK Google’ notifications can also be censored via Do not disturb feature. Moreover the device can send text and answer general knowledge question with voice.

    • Android wear is consistent with every app and receives notification received by your phone and press an action button accordingly. It is more consumer friendly in comparison to Google Glass.

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    By: Ridhima Gupta
    Posted: July 2, 2014, 1:14 pm

    Mobile Programming LLC.

    Mobile Programming LLC.

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