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    Material-Design-Icon-TemplatesAndroid has gained massive momentum with the growing advancement and changing dynamics. It continues to grow further by facing offending challenges in order to become an emerging leader in the field of mobile technology. Since last few years, it has catered several new products and services and has taken the center stage among market share. In the recent Google I/O event , Android has announced a massive number of technological innovations that assures to usher in pure Genuity. Developer conference was held in San Francisco, where Android highly focussed on the latest version of Android that is popularly known as Android L. It has always catered its developers as well as clients to help them to achieve their goals.

    As it has been highly rumored that the next version of Android brings a whole new look to Android devices thereby making devices look visually modernize. A new universal design language, Material Design integrated within the Android L platform was unveiled during the event. Material Design was basically launched for the consumers that have been extended over multiple number of the devices. This thereby arranges a template for the development of visual effects that will confine through various numbers of smart devices, recently announced Android gadgets and desktop application. As speculation runs high, release of this new platform Android L will soften corners, straighten icons and even confines altitude to icons.

    Characteristics of Material Design:

    • It basically means constructive light sources that project realtime shadows behind objects, transition animation within and between apps and colorized User Interface elements. It is being expected to perfectly describe Android L’s design language and was mainly created to enable mobile app developers to feasibly and logically bring apps to a multitude of platforms.

    • Being based upon tactile reality it allows users to get affordances that overrule them in reality. It comes with massive number of visual components, their associated actions and gestures as well as consists of accessibility guidelines. This gives vital insights to the users by catering them with the clear idea where they should focus upon.

    • Motion in the ecosystem of material design  creates meaning about the functionality, dimensional relationships  and objective of the system. Thus it enables the phenomenon of natural movement of objects in the real world without breaking laws of physics

    • The basics of movement, surface and light are the key aspects that convey movement of objects, interaction among them and the way they exist in relation to each other.

    • This allows various apps running on mobile, desktop and tablet to look and operate persistently. Grid was one of the core feature of Material design language that allows large processes to automate quickly by accommodating the UI form factor accordingly.

    Google has been accentuating on a lot of technical aspects and has brought the efficiency and quality of devices as well as services at WWDC event. Let us see whether the new innovations and design announced at Google IO 2014 will lead us to the next phase in the evolution of mobility or not.

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    Posted: July 2, 2014, 1:21 pm

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