Android Wear to become the “go-to” platform for smartwatches

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    android-wear-promoWearables are the new technology assets that are quickly taking the world with storm. They are gradually being added upon with newer functionalities that will augment their role in IOT enabled ecosystems. Google has greatly been investing to bring about connection of all devices across the globe and wearables are anticipated to play major role in actualising this dream. Google Glass along with other devices are being associated at workplaces, so that devices can work in coherence. The ultimate goal is to propagate thorough communication between all hardware and software available on the planet at the moment. With the increasing number of smart devices, a complete IOT ecosystem is not very distant from reality.

    Apple made its aims clear about IOT and iOS in WWDC 2014 by launching the Healthbook app and the home kit. Google has also made significant announcements in its I/O Developer Conference held at San Francisco this year. The Android Wear based watches are ready to invade the market and associate with all life areas of a user. Certain important features of the smartwatch are mentioned below that brings forth immense usability of the product. The aim of the vibrating notifications in Android Wear smartwatches is to inform the user of any urgent message while also being engaged with other people at the same time. This can be done by associating the notifications of the smartphone with the smartwatch. Incase some notification is dismissed on the smartwatch then the same activity can be synced across the smartphone.Also there will be notifications displayed on the smartwatch in case an app on the smartphone or the smartwatch are associated. The notifications in Android Wear enabled smartwatches are interactive, i.e.,they can be communicated by simply raising the wrist.

    Also there were intuitive launches of the new version of Android, Android TV and Android Auto. the smart TV can be straightly monitored through the smart phones and the casting can then be done on the TV screens. Also Google Maps and voice commands are all applicable in smart cars. The smartphone’s messages can be replied via voice functionality in Android Auto. Google has brought further development grounds through the launch of the new version called Android L. Material Design has been augmented as the next feature that gives a look of depth while using the mobile apps. Animations, shrinking and expanding of elements, white spacing between the elements and a complete 3D look will offer an altogether immersive experience to the users.

    Reams of data is transacted via smartphones which might not be of use at all the times. Smartwatches in this context can be used to enable notification for only urgent apps like corporate emails etc. It has ushered as a usable device rather than just being a flashy accessory that serves no real purpose. Android Wear also stands in good stead and could become the de facto for smartwatches’ platform. A strong interaction between the smartphone and the smartwatch will serve immense usability to the users. Intuitive custom mobile app development is still required to emancipate the workability of the device but for now Android Wear is all set to invade the market of wearable technology.

    By: Ridhima Gupta
    Posted: June 28, 2014, 8:50 am

    Mobile Programming LLC.

    Mobile Programming LLC.

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