Google I/O: A peek into potential new home automation features for Android.

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    The race of home automated devices is starting to heat up among IT organizations. In the forthcoming years we will observe widespread use of automated devices, embedded systems and software. It is prominent in the retail industry by including various aspects of modern life and has thus catered in compelling the new age lifestyle. Embedded technology is enhancing its growth in several sectors as transportation, health care and customer electronic equipments as it is the basic aspect to adequate selling. Thus organizations are adapting to embedded technology thereby reacting to business and market changes. Thus Google is speeding up in this fast paced technological world in order to maintain its top market presence in every sector.

    With this consequential shift in technology, Google this time is highly focussing on health and home automation technology. Both these sectors were expected to be the major focus in Google I/O developer conference. On the contrary Apple in the starting of the month has already announced regarding its health tracking app and HomeKit. So google also responded by focussing on the same feature in order to make its market presence in this era of rapid convergence. There have been several rumors that mark towards smart home automation system of Google. When it comes to IoT slot, then nest labs has played significant role in connecting everyday objects in an internet like structure.

    Google I/O

    Earlier there have been several automated devices as thermostat and smoke detectors. These connected devices caters in controlling temperature via apps. Android apps previously has covered maximum market and now and it is contemplating to buy new camera start-up Dropcam that will be well known for its security. This will enable user to check the recording anywhere on compatible device. As per speculation runs high, It is being expected that Google in the forthcoming era will enhance further in home automation and security by staying in equilibrium with Apple. This new age demands future oriented mobility, thus Google aims to achieve higher productivity by taking its move towards IoT technology. Thus Google is moving further in the IoT technology by ensuring that it would take care of the home automation as well.

    According to the cupertino based tech giants, Dropcam that sells its cameras through App store has been its major partners. Thus Apple plans to integrate all the functions into iPhone and iPad. Thus, Google has also decide to bring all devices together. There have been rumor that the platform provided by the Android will be known as Nearby in context to its rival HomeKit. Without having interaction of device with the user, nearby would allow you to automate with various activities and actions by enabling you to connect, share and do more. According to the recent reports, it was claimed that Google can repeatedly turn on all the features as WiFi, bluetooth and many more on all the devices.

    There is no denying fact that Android has cemented itself with respect to market share and there are several services as Google purchased bump and Slick Login which are known as major part of Google’s ecosystem play. These enable two devices to transfer data across each other and know how much closer they are and AlickLogin is a password verification service. This allows users to get login to the services thereby using a consolidation of sound, WiFi and bluetooth.

    By: Jimmy Parker
    Posted: June 26, 2014, 12:56 am

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