Google I/O is set to become Google of Everythings.

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    google_logo_smallIt has always been thrilling to watch new android launches as its subsequent growth has altered the smartphone landscape. There have been technological innovations of several numbers of devices with blazing specs and mind numbing performances. There have been demands for more personalized user experience, so the tech giants have a knack of catering featured products to the customers. The much rumored and highly anticipated Google I/O event is going to held on June 25th where Android is expected to make announcements of those products and services that may usher in pure ingenuity. Android app developers are highly focused on fulfilling the demands of developers and thus there are various launches scheduled to be released.

    This annual developers conference is going to take place in San Francisco, where an enterprise is going to unleash latest technology in Android and all the things related to Google. The event covers all the new breeds of technology pertaining to hardware and software coming to the mainstream. Google during last years conference amend us on the evolution of the mobile OS, Google Play Games as well as music and Samsung Galaxy S4 with in-built integration of Google Play Edition within it. Tech expertise has stated that users can expect to hear regarding following technologies at Google I/O 2014.

    Wearables: As the speculation runs high, there is one thing for sure that Google will be discussing about the future of tech togs. This is going to take place because of the Android wear software platform made specifically for its wearable devices. Few companies have announced the release of smart watches that will make use of the new operating system. Thus it is being assumed that samsung is also going to cater new Android wear in the Google I/O event.

    Next version of Android: Users are even expected to hear about new functionalities coming to the operating system because Google most probably is not expected to release any new huge update. With company’s Google wear Platform, the fitness tracking and health related application is being assumed to get released in the upcoming event.

    New Nexus Tablet: Last year, Nexus 7 was debuted by Google, which have boasted a classic android experience. According to the recent rumors, the next in the product line would be nexus 9. HTC manufactured new nexus tablet including 8.9 inch display, 2GB of RAM, front facing speakers and many other features. Future of Nexus smartphone: According to the previous reports, Google is planning to replace upcoming Nexus smart devices with high end silver devices. This will be the result of maximum number of developers rather than just one company. In this event we may get detailed description regarding modular smartphone ‘Project Ara’ that is being expected to release in the next year.

    Google I/O

    Google Glass: Google Glas was actually introduced in the last year at Google I/O 2012. This thereby catered a new way of connecting to the Google’s ecosystem. This year Google is expected to reveal consumer release of glass and will state whatever the company is planning to do in the field of wearable technology in the forthcoming era.

    Google at home: Android apps running on different platform are also making a run for a users home living. There have been releases of several apps and devices as the nest, thermostat and many more that has even strengthened the concept of home security devices. Thus a user may expect to hear the advent of few more home automated devices in the I/O event.

    Chromecast and Android Tv: There was a release of Google Chromecast dongle last year, but it consisted of limited functionality and thus requires an associated device to work. There may be some announcement regarding Android TV which is depicted to make its way towards it as it is going to be considered as a means of enjoying streaming content.

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    Posted: June 26, 2014, 1:17 am

    Mobile Programming LLC.

    Mobile Programming LLC.

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