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    Wearable Technology seems to be the next biggest revolution as tech giants are speeding up their efforts. It will lead to an increased productivity of businesses as well as latest ways of doing everyday activities. This will thereby result in an increased revenue for the business and enterprises will achieve huge competing advantage. Businesses are now beginning to grasp this new stream of wearable devices as it will not only be efficient in terms of doing work quicker but better analytics. Entrepreneurs and well established enterprises have devoted a large number of assets to create products who could monitor body behaviors.

    This is an exclusive trend that has changed the overall business processes as the leading developers in the next era would be taking huge advantage of these new technologies. There have been several devices released since last year which have fortified the overall ecosystem of wearable technology. There are several devices that offer same functionality but Health Kit among them is the most leading component among all tech togs. Tech Giants are hiring top market influencer of health care sector to enhance their health and wearable initiative. Thus there have been certain queries on which wearable 2.0 need to focus upon. So the recommendation includes certain points:

    • Provide More Accurate Data: The major setback that arises is the data accuracy poised by monitoring device. It has been observed that several times the basic info tracked by 1.0 wearables is imprecise. Physicians and care providers didn’t use wearables 1.0 for medical decisions because of their lack of accuracy. It is very crucial to take out the accurate data that could be used further for deterrent care. Thus catering an accurate data has become need of an hour for wearables 2.0 in order to maintain the trust of users and physicians.
    • Focus more on health instead of Fitness: Current fitness trackers are being used as a personal monitoring devices that tracks calories burned and even monitors high intensity workouts. But all these metrics won’t be enough for wearables 2.0 products because with the further enhanced technology they should move beyond fitness and must focus more on health. There must be devices that may be used in order to determine person’s health by tracking biometrics and health metrics. This will thereby make a much more competitive use case for the wearables by providing 24/7 health depiction of a user.
    • Offer massive tools: Wearable 2.0 companies must focus in order to make the data comparable, actionable and digestible because collection of all the metrics individually won’t be that much profitable. The demands of people are based on future oriented mobility so they don’t only want wearables to track their health but also cure them. So there are several mobility solutions on which mobile app developers need to focus upon. Developers should make indexes that consists of data from people of the same age group, gender and health profiles. This enables users to compare his performance metric related to others in the same prospect. Then the amendments must be made accordingly and these features should be incorporated that strengthen all to be at their best up to their capabilities.
    • Integrate Into the Healthcare System: App developers should ensure that Wearables 2.0 must calculate an accurate data in order to build trust of physicians. There are certain factors on which wearables 2.0 need to focus upon so that they may get integrated into the healthcare system. They must build partnership with current technologies residing within hospitals and offer features according to the needs of care providers.

    By: Jimmy Parker
    Posted: June 26, 2014, 1:25 am

    Mobile Programming LLC.

    Mobile Programming LLC.

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