Wearables are heating up the mobility wars

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    30a52a9A new era is emerging in terms of wearable devices and this year created a lot of buzz about it and is even proclaimed as the year of wearable technology. Wearable devices have become the core of large user engagement as companies aim to understand its impact on customer services and overall business. SInce last few years mobile phones have significantly emerged from heavy calling devices into sleek pocket sized computers. there have been massive adoption of smartphones and there is no denying fact that the next phase of computing will come into the form of wearable technology. Deploying technologies inside creative techniques refers to wearable technology.  This technology has move far beyond Sci-Fi as it doesn’t have to be one and only administrator of tech appliances.  
    Enterprises are expected to unveil a massive number of wearable devices in order to have an edge in this competitive market . There have already been a slew of smart devices and smartwatch is considered as a big release among all. In order to get highly adapted by users globally, it has taken the creation of truly pioneering tech. The device is expected to be the game changer in the field of tech togs. As speculation runs high, there will be launch of several devices for nearly each and every part of the body. But it has been observed that consumers pay little attention to the applications that associate these body boom devices. There is no denying fact that in the forthcoming era the softwares will have subtle effects on the users way of getting engaged with these devices. According to the tech analyst, success of wearable will depend upon the associated apps and on the way that how much effective they are in changing performance via adequate data.

    Ever since the launch of tech togs, it has been seen that they are relatively singular focus on lifestyle devices and exercises. It is more feasible to focus on a particular audience, thereby catering users to perform peculiar task. Similarly smartwatch track your steps, monitor walking distance, record calories burned and even involve a clock. This thereby enables manufacturers in catering featured product by achieving higher productivity. In this way a new dimension is emerging and thus manufacturers don’t have to worry about the way of reaching multiple audience who may require it for distinct circumstances. Smart Watches vary in comparison to smartphones and tablets, so it totally depends upon the functionality of devices.

    There have been certain demographic to societal changes after its release and the target was mainly on those individuals who check their phones regularly. Rather than digging around your phone, user can read email and messages by watching at your wrist watch. There have been many wristbands for exercise loving people but the smartwatch could even perform similar task and make the data easier to access.

    It consists of a range of features, but it is basically meant for personal use and cannot be given to each and every person alike mobiles. So this basically states that these are supposed to have a single audience. The functionality differs and varies for different purposes. It is even expected to cater information, interact with music player, provide directions via GPS and answer phone call. Let see what comes next in smartwatches and in order to maintain its global presence it may need to perform multiple tasks for a single person as it cannot be all things for all people. Thus among technology evangelist, this new era of wearable technology has ushered in a new sense of neutrality.

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    By: Ridhima Gupta
    Posted: June 20, 2014, 11:33 am

    Mobile Programming LLC.

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