The war wages on between iOS and android

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    images (2)With mobility coming to mainstream enterprise world of Big data and connected devices, the use of smart devices has emancipated exponentially. Users in all sectors have various demands and needs that the top platforms namely, Android and iOS fulfil by all means. Often times there is criticism about one being better than the other. But all in all, both are fulfilling the user demands in every intuitive manner possible.  Android is linux based operating system and is open sourced in nature. iOS is tightly closed platform but still renders complete utilities to the users. Therefore significance of both the operating systems cannot be negated. With the rise in use of smart devices, the data being stored and shared via cloud is immensely expanding. More immersive solutions are required to handle the cumbersome tasks from the enterprises’ end, in an efficient way. The mobile platforms are being augmented to add functionalities according to users’ needs but still it seems the war between the most popular platforms will never come to an end.


    Advantages of iOS over Android:


    Security: The Android is an open source platform so the device built on it can be modified and its customized version can be created by anyone. So these devices are more prone to bugs and unwanted access. On the contrary iOS is Apple’s official version and it is a close source software so it is more secure.


    Even after having less devices than Android, large user engagement and massive number of facts about iOS has made its top market presence.


    Smooth user interface: iOS consist of dedicated thread that is highly focused for processing the user interface. This thereby results in catering a sleek user interface.


    Great apps, to the iOS first: iOS is a platform where many sophisticated apps as Whatsapp, Instagram gained popularity and considerably moved towards another platform. It is being expected that in the forthcoming era, many great apps on Google App Store have yet to be released on it.


    Advantages of Android over iOS :


    Open-source OS : Android is open source hence it is more easily customizable. Several IT bandwagons support its development and developers throng to offer their skillset to enhance the platform.


    Customization : Android is flexible enough to be customized according to the users’ needs. Its open source nature adds the feature of weaving and tangling with the code that enables several functionalities to be appended to the smart device.


    Multitudinous Apps : The platform has several options for one purpose. Several apps are added to the Google Play from time to time. Also there are options to send audio video files in messages.


    Google Now is one of the most intuitive and enticing features of this platform. It can recommend the nearby worth visiting places to the user when the user needs time for leisure, information about the day’s weather and the traffic on the road.

    By: Ridhima Gupta
    Posted: June 18, 2014, 10:58 am

    Mobile Programming LLC.

    Mobile Programming LLC.

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