What the world looks like through Google Glass

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    s15_1aThe evolution of multiple platforms has benefited consumers thereby creating a lot of buzz with the sensation of wearable tech. A new era in the form of IoT and connected devices is rising and will generate unlimited opportunities for wearers as we move ahead. Wearable gadgets will enable new technology, new connections and emerging solutions that will change day to day facets of our lives. It is the current movement catering to diverse launches being made in recent time. All the companies whether be it a beginner or large scale company is investing in future driven technology as their growth is benefiting end users. Healthcare, logistics and many other industries get impacted by wearable devices, thereby making use of information to provide efficiency to daily tasks.

    Google glass resembles a thumb size computer worn like a pair of glasses. If you tell people that it consists of a virtual screen, then they may get the idea that it is very distracting or obtrusive. Thus it can be worn out at any time due to it’s  subdued appearance when a hand held device would be extrinsic. It’s creation is not that much different and Tech Giants are readily working for its development, specially for the military. There is anti glare smart glass that monitors the amount of glare and adjust alignment accordingly. There have been developments of the massive number of smart contact lenses that will cater heads-up display in the field of perception.
    In the coming era the people who would look at Smartphones for each and every thing would prefer to look at wearable devices. Thus it is basically used by the wearers to gather information at that time when they are incapable to use their hands. Google glass would transform the way consumer observe technology from healthcare to pharma and retail. There is no denying fact that there is a privacy  risk of activities getting monitored, but Google is taking this as a serious matter of concern, thereby assuring that people become aware if they are being recorded. It consists of a voice recognition control and its wearers have been observed reciting few commands.
    The swiping feature of the device is not dissimilar to that of Smartphone when users get used to it. While viewing Google search results user can clip left and right to jump between screens and up and down in order to switch between applications. It offers a distinct way of web browsing and rather than showing result pages, it provides brief results of few words per screen to cast through. With the boom in wearable gadgets, large amount of apps is being made available by Google Glass. The most prominent app on it include OpenTable, which allows users to make reservations as well as check restaurants and display nearby sites of historical interest for the wearers.

    All the devices are catering people to become more responsible for their personal fitness in order to live a healthy live. among all Google Glass has taken the center stage because of its multitude of benefits. It is considered that wearable technology caters in transforming the overall business process. Thus Internet of everything is residing everywhere with the advent of technologies according to the needs of consumers as well as enterprises. Let us see what comes next and what would be the other major release with respect to wearable device.

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    By: Ridhima Gupta
    Posted: June 16, 2014, 1:04 pm

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