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    Organizations are highly focused on creating a value and time to market for any product is getting increased with the decrease in the production cycle globally. Enterprises focus on automation, which leads to the discovery of the massive number of automated devices. In order to perform different set of tasks, Home automation is being considered as a modern technology that can make amendments to different sets of tasks automatically. With the growth of technology, artificial intelligence is gaining more adherence among users in modification of home, industrial and business sectors. To fulfill the increasing demands of the users, home automation technology is uniformly improvising its feasibility by consolidating modernize features.

    1402313465Android-5-3In comparison to peoples practices at a sophisticated level, innovations are taking place around IoT, mobility, cloud and Social Space. Every global IT organizations is taking keen interest to explore itself in the world of home and device automation. In the recently concluded world wide developers conference at San Francisco, Apple also announced release of Healthkit and Home automation with the HomeKit application programming interface.  It is aking the center stage in terms of what consumers as well as developers could do with the OS. As speculation runs high, Google will also counter with certain features that is going to attack the same sector. There is no denying fact that health and home automation are the next on the verge as both organisations have realized their potential of bringing OS to the car.

    Cupertino based tech giant even assures that the coming era will automate a massive number of devices without the user having to communicate with the phone. Frequent applications or service releases enables you to connect, share and do more with the individuals, places and devices around you. Google will turn on certain features as WiFi and much more automatically, if nearby is turned on for your account. Google’s bump and SlickLogin are considered as giant part of Google’s ecosystem play that allows to transfer files and verify password during sign-in to services.

    The foremost thing that can be observed is that in the coming era, users would not need to interact with the devices. Third party accessories would send notifications and alerts to let other devices know that they are nearby, thereby allowing functionality to endeavor with all of a user’s device. Home automation and IoT are next in the league which Google will likely accomplish after the WWDC releases. Google is going to take continuity on with Nearby thereby allowing it to grow the functionality on to Android. According to the researchers, users on Nearby will be able to select the services they are visible to. There have been certain issues regarding privacy, but android excels in location reporting and tracking, so Nearby is solely enhancing on the same prospect.

    So this innovation of new apps and services is likely to continue with the growth and technologies as people’s demand is based on future oriented mobility. This home and device automation method is expected to move ahead in game of technology. The success of this technology depends upon its agility and development methodologies thereby making new announcements available to the end users.

    By: Ridhima Gupta
    Posted: June 12, 2014, 1:35 pm

    Mobile Programming LLC.

    Mobile Programming LLC.

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