How will Services like wearables and healthkit affect our future

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    apple-iwatch In the world of rising diseases and mental commotions it is crucial to let technology take the headache in serving the users who are tied up in daily hectic schedule and have no time to fulfil their bodily needs. Along with the health care issues, the rise in mobility has also been fast and steep. There has been an immense growth of technology in the recent years and this rise shall be steeper if medical sector coalesces with mobility solutions. With the rise in app centered solutions for day to day tasks, the data stored and transacted through cloud is rising at an ever increasing rate. Also the enterprises and end users are gradually getting dependent on devices and technology for carrying out their legacy processes in more seamless ways. The all surrounding reasons for technology has led to the development of smart devices and even smarter apps which are anticipated to reap good results for users and industrial areas that revolve around mobility.

    Google and Apple are making giant contributions towards Big data analytics and Internet of Things. They are also working towards launching smart products that will enable the user to track down their health. There have been a slew of devices and products like smart watches and smart wristband that notify the user of the pulse and heart rate. Also there were recent announcements at WWDC 2014 held in Moscone Center, California. These were in regards to IOS 8, OS X 10.10, HealthBook App and how Apple will further improve IOT in recent years. There is also immense eager in market with the announcement of the Healthkit which is being expected to add ease to the physicians as well as patients in handling all data and medical records. It is often troublesome in maintaining files and carrying these files from one place to another.

    Also medical records comprise of difficult patterns of imagery and asynchronous data. Several records are required at one point of time which might be available with the patient . Imagine all such information being stored in the cloud and being accessible to the user anytime required. Also moving files and file records from one place to another is a tiring process. This could also lead to losing some data during transaction. Having saved this data in an app makes it easy for categorization, simplified viewing as well as retention. Mobile apps developers are leaving no stone unturned in delivering industry best solutions . Various apps have come that have offered best diet solutions. There also have been remedies offered via apps that state medical information and upcoming advancements in one or more diseases.

    Apple is also looking forward to solve all such health related issues by giving secure access to users by saving all types of data like vaccination records, X-rays, CT scans, biopsy results, list of allergies etc in one mobile solution. Sometimes there could be redundant errors and paper track records could be lost due to some accident or mishap. Data stored in cloud can be accessed whenever need be. There is no retention of human errors and there is a safe traction of medical records saved in cloud. Therefore the intuitive custom mobile apps development is leading a safe way for maintaining accurate health records when users themselves do not find the time and resources to store their data in a secured manner.

    By: Jimmy Parker
    Posted: June 13, 2014, 1:24 am

    Mobile Programming LLC.

    Mobile Programming LLC.

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