Tizen heats up the platforms wars

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    images (1)Smartphones carry the bulk of information today as they have become the medium of transmission of all type of data. Developers have created a strong architecture for smartphones which has added personalisation to its use. It is important today to be able to share data with others in the least possible time. The pace of data sharing has increased, bouts of data is stored on the cloud every second and in such a monotonous, ever speeding schedule it is essential to have quick access to data. Also it has become easy for developers as well as users to choose platform of their choice and relevance.

    With the explosion of apps and number of enterprises as well as communities involved in its enhancement, Android has become the most used operating system for mobile devices. With several security features and plethora of apps, IOS is amongst the most favored platforms available for smartphones. Also there are Windows and BB present that are being widely used by developers and users. Samsung also launched their new mobile operating system, Tizen, at the Tizen Developer conference at San Francisco this year.

    There will be a strong impetus to development of wearables and its growth. Samsung is levying huge efforts in advancing wearables and its further app development. After the smartphones and tablets, the future is going to fall in hands of the wearables. Therefore the company is laying huge emphasis on this niche of smart devices.

    The slow and steady adoption of the platform will attract mobile apps developers and users to using Tizen . This platform was designed incorporating open source modules which are fast and efficient, hence capable enough to work on a massive number of devices. As IOT is taking the form of a revolutionary idea, there is increasing need to integrate the hardware with the software. The already in-use devices need to be well connected to cloud services and the new software infrastructure having latest updates. There are already growing developments with Android and IOS as Google and Apple respectively are making huge efforts to connect every nook and corner of the world with smart devices and round the clock internet connectivity.

    Tizen will add to this competition enabling fast delivery of creative work solution via developers. This will add to proficient solutions being rendered to clients but to come to that level of excellency Samsung needs to market well the operating systems along with catering to an immensity of developers as well as users’ needs.

    As the world is coming closer with the use of smart devices and implementation of artificial intelligence technologies, there is incredible rise in data and cumbersome data analytics. Enterprises are levying time and efforts in mobilising their legacy processes with the latest custom mobility solutions. It is thereby important to have robust mobile solutions that can add flexibility and scalability in achieving day to day goals with proper association with the apps and devices.

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    By: Ridhima Gupta
    Posted: June 11, 2014, 1:31 pm

    Mobile Programming LLC.

    Mobile Programming LLC.

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