Vital features of iOS8 that will take it to next level

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    ios 8The highly rumored and much anticipated WWDC event was held in San Francisco, where Apple disclosed new products and services. Before the event took place, there were large number of speculations regarding the next generation operating system coming out from bloggers to newspapers. The release of iOS 8 was a massive hit in the market and even lead to the most dynamic application ecosystem. Apple is speeding up its efforts in creating a path towards the enterprise market. It was considered as a most relevant release for the developers as well as consumers.

    Cupertino based tech giant has taken technology industry by storm with new feature in iOS8. Apple is considered as a top most company in consumer tech in US, which is why it has ensured opening its platform to developer for using its core features. The company enables to grow its corporate sales by emphasizing on recent enterprise-focused features. According to the reports generated, there are 90 percent companies that are using Apple devices in US. But it was observed that due to the usability and non-enterprise features, 40 percent of those organizations have less than 100 devices from Apple. Apple has brought some enterprise features in its software. So as speculation runs high, it is being expected that it could add more features to its impending devices.


    Analysts recommend following corporate friendly features for iOS 8:


    • WiFi Calling: Apple iPhones with iOS 8 operating system will enable users to make calls available whenever they will face low signal reception. Video chats would be possible easily and It could be benevolent for both wireless operators as well as customers.


    • Device enrollment: Device enrollment program with enterprise focused and manageability features enables companies to get pre programmed gadgets as iPhones and iPads. It automatically setups your devices to work with personalized organization’s standard settings as apps, security features, mail, contacts and more.


    • Third Party Enterprise Apps: There is an opportunity that these organizations would prefer Apple devices for enterprise use with the availability of prominent Microsoft’s office suite.


    • Security Passcodes for Applications: It enables users to lock certain applications installed on its iPhone and iPad devices. This featured has been introduced for some specific app and thereby support organizations to trust the device with an enhanced secure methods for certain applications as mail, contacts, third party apps and much more.


    • Improved IT management tools: Apple has always proved its excellence by updating features on its every update. So, this time it has released a new feature in which ingenious IT professional of an enterprise can push certain PDFs and e-books to particular employees of the company. Even after locking specific parts, it does not allow its users to erase their gadgets thereby allocating few apps to open certain types of file.


    • QuickType and Third-party Keyboards: As in the earlier times, there have always been complaints regarding keyboard of Apple devices by many professionals. Thus, in order to overcome this flaw, Apple introduced a new feature called QuickType which automatically envisions the next word user is willing to type. As Apple has shown the green signal, these third party keyboards will be available for iOS 8 sooner. It allows users with a way to respond back to the app notifications using keyboard application programming interface.


    • Mail app: It is inhibited with several enterprise centric features which caters user to manage their inbox using S/MME protocol. It consists of enhanced gesture based controls and new interface that allows you to easily flag and delete message using single swipe. It has multitasking features as swiping down on a draft in order to access other mails and it too has the ability to add events to your calendar.

    By: Ridhima Gupta
    Posted: June 10, 2014, 1:30 pm

    Mobile Programming LLC.

    Mobile Programming LLC.

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