APIs and Cloud are augmenting the role of Enterprise Mobility

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    The emergence of smart devices has ushered in an era of Big data, data analytics and Internet of Things. Data has been increasing ever since and there is growth of simple as well as complicated forms of data. To handle this data, there is an urgent prerequisite of highly advanced data analytics and cloud computing services. Cloud computing has been in demand since the times the data has been increasing tremendously and has become difficult to be handled on the hardware.

    imagesSeveral APIs ( Application Programming Interface) have eased the communication between apps that has incremented the services offered by the cloud. Without cloud, data cannot be imagined to be stored and transmitted. With bouts of information being shared across the globe, the need of cloud services has increased manifolds and with the aid of effective APIs the communication between the apps has simplified to a great extent.

    The Application Programming Interface or APIs were initially created for consumer centric apps. But with the rising BYOD, and enhanced need of interaction between employers, employees and clients the need for enterprise mobility solutions have taken a center stage. Around 38 percent of enterprises have already outpaced traditional processed with the latest mobility developments and around 22 percent of enterprises will have their workflows streamlined with mobility requisites by the end of this year. Apps have facilitated e-banking, emails, messages, social networking etc.

    These have helped users to reach the world in no time. also money transaction has become flexible. But with rising cyber crimes there is also need for vigilant inspection of cyber routes and flow of data from one point to another.  enterprises have been investing tremendously on business centric apps that can build a thorough communication between employees, data and the clients even without being at the workplaces. With the help of smartphones, tablets and wearable devices, the flow of data has become easy. But also this flow of data should occur between authorised users, specially in an enterprise ecosystem.

    Various e-shopping sites facilitate secure monetary transaction. Many of the portals carry out their complete business via these APIs. Hence the need for cloud services is highly crucial in today’s data centric world. Users need their work done instantly. they need to have access to all their relevant information at that particular time. They require fast browsing with faster upload of content on web pages. As the time to complete work has diminished so has the size of devices. And with all the above advancements in Information Technology, there is a flourishing need to increment services offered by the APIs and custom mobility solutions. Enterprises have been heading towards Mobile Applications Management which makes immersive apps as the central idea behind automation of work related processes.

    With the emergence of IOT, use of cloud services will see further augmentation because the connected devices all round the workplace and homes will witness effective collaboration. A dire need to deliver proficient services through cloud and app development are therefore the most significant requirements of the modern world today.

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    By: Ridhima Gupta
    Posted: June 9, 2014, 1:53 pm

    Mobile Programming LLC.

    Mobile Programming LLC.

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