Features that iOS 8 has in store for the developers

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    The highly rumored and much anticipated WWDC event was held on 2 June 2014. This was an exclusive event and Cupertino giant surely has a knack of releasing new products and services. Apple has hosted an essence that outlined all the extensive features for iPad, iPhone and Mac. The event unveiled a new version of the operating system, along with health care and home automation features. Analysts also recommended certain ways by which iOS and Mac devices could work together. There have been discussion about looking forward to the low level meta graphics API, new Swift programming language and many more in the forthcoming era.

    Features iOS 8 has in store for developers:


    • iOS 8 is being considered as an immense iOS release ever. It introduced a new feature of app adaptability where it becomes feasible for third party apps to provide latest functionality essential for  apps. Third party keyboard restoration as swipe. Boom. It has been supported by iOS by entering private developer beta testing. Thus, it creates several opportunities for developers and allowed them to get their apps ready for the mobile OS.

    • iOS 8 consists of a new feature popularly known as QuickType that caters word advices on typing a la Swiftkey. Besides this Apple released ‘Metal’ which gave developers the direct access to the graphics and computer hardware  on it’s A7 processors. It enables console level graphics to the iPhone and the iPad by minimizing overhead and features more efficiently. With respect to speed, this functionality caters for a 10x performance gain in correspondence to iOS 7.

    • iOS 8 consists of Scenekit, an exclusive feature for game developers who want to develop casual games in 2D and 3D. It also dwells enhanced SpriteKit framework that incorporates per pixel physics and inverse Kinematics.

    • As was expected, it also introduces health app which gave developers with a path in order to exchange data securely between the existing apps and health app.The other feature that grabs the attention of iOS App developers was SDK release including Homekit. It acts as an interface to connect smart home devices with iOS and cloudkit that inhibits the free storage system for developers and allows a large amount of free storage and transfer.


    • Apple also focused on adaptability through app extensions which was handled through sandbox to ensure security. This will provide with an ease of accessibility between mail and photo editing app. App bundles, app previews and beta testing are now going to get supported by the Apple App Store. Siri with its Shazam song cognizance and 22 new dictation languages is also being restored.

    • Apple has emphasized on a lot of technical aspects and thus Touch ID is also assimilating an Application Programming Interface which provides an ease to access data stored in the apps. Through PhotoKit, developers also get enhanced features for achieving iOS photo features and it also features support for non destructive edits. New camera API enables photography app developers with more command over white balance, exposure and focus.

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