Future of Google Glass in Healthcare

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    0a749feHealthcare sector has been going under pivotal changes with a rapid phase of growth in technology and it has observed colossal entrepreneurial exercises over the last few years. This has lead in development of many technologies thereby changing its paradigm in the field of Healthcare. Wearable devices have become our core part as they are efficient at assisting human intercommunication. This intuitive technology has improved method of operations and as speculation runs high, this technology will be highly adopted by healthcare sectors in the forthcoming era.

    Last year, a researcher mentioned that computing devices in the coming era might help medical professionals to do their jobs in an efficient manner. Google Glass in the future is expected to become a form factor for clinicians. Few healthcare organizations are searching for enhanced ways of accommodating the head mounted computer. Recommendation includes certain features by which Google glass can be used in the operation theatre:

    • Google glass can be used to track the patient record and the voice activated glass present in it can be used to record live stream operations and video via internet. Google glass excel in different fields and allows users to approach functions along with maps, voice search, video calls, email and many more.


    • It has been used by many surgeon in orthopedic surgeries and throat operations. It would be useful in imparting knowledge about operations to the students in a lecture theatre thereby giving them vital insights about the surgical field. Hence this caters exclusive potential for advising and conferencing.


    • Clinicians have the feasibility of taking experts advice while performing rare or crucial procedures. Thus it act as a consultant in order to advise junior surgeons thereby stretching their hands on learning.


    • Rather than this, the most important feature is that it is used to track patients record so that it becomes feasible for clinician to know about the drugs, the man was allergic to. This can help in preventing patient from brain haemorrhage.

    • Patient care is enhanced by end to end mobility solutions. Thus, glass can be use to preload medical images before surgery, so that comparison can be made between X-ray scans and actual surgical sites. Therefore, we are able to accomplish real time view of the activities being performed in the operation theatre.


    • Eyesight and Checklists were secured video conferencing app for Google Glass and caters medical checklist to an excessive point of care. Nurses wear glass in order to provide video feed on telemedicine cart thereby providing multiple angles to remote physicians that other devices can not offer.

    The validation of Google Glass is the best example of how ingenious developers are being supported to look at cutting edge technologies and determine the way which would give good quality of care for people


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    By: Ridhima Gupta
    Posted: June 5, 2014, 9:48 am

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