Dire need of apps as Wearable race heats up

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    Consumers nowadays are more fascinated by wearable technology. Wearable gadgets as Nike+ Fuelband, smart watches, or pet trackers like whistle have a good impact on the quantity and breadth that organization personally continues to extend. Wearable technology always seems to endeavor, enterprise by allowing arms free capturing of products. Thus, it aims at making higher productivity of the Gross sales team and provide healthcare staff with easy accessibility of most updated patient data amongst varied applications.

    Wearables are more focused in changing the functionality of business. They cater technology to those who have not accessed it before in the areas of workplace for practical, logistical or safety reasons. According to the analysts, It is being expected that the organization will explode wearables in context of Smartphone and tablet market.So, it is being assumed that wearable gadgets market is going to reach about 10 million and would generate $3 billion revenue within this year. In order to achieve higher productivity and competitive advantage, organizations need to follow fundamental steps to assure that they are using technology efficiently.

    Design explicitly for wearable devices: As mobile technology came into existence, it took a little less time for companies to take into account what it intended to design for mobile. Mobile applications with simple experiences and more context aware use cases also require an advanced design paradigm. In fact the companies that ported existing desktop applications to mobile even failed. Wearable devices require new sets of practices, challenges and constraints. This is a technological shift that circumscribe that how we can use sensors, processing power and units that may not have displays on them. As a result, its a high time to learn a complete new paradigm which is totally different from the transition from desktop to web and web to mobile.

    Don’t wait for standard to develop: It makes sense to wait for a standard in order to get the hype around some specific technology . But in case of wearable technology, if companies want to gain competitive advantage, then IT enterprises does not need to wait for the market to settle. There might be confusion in an explosion of new devices, but as tech tog market evolves, it will implement more compelling products consumed by Application Programming Interface. Developers associations will boost up with the evolution of wearable computing devices.

    Be open to privacy and security: Privacy and security are the key concerns of businesses about wearable technology. It is mandatory for organization to explain their employees about the security of data and made them aware regarding its benefits. Security was the major concern from the very beginning as wearable gadgets can introduce new susceptibilities for hackers to accomplish. Organizations should give deliberate attention to the enterprise issues, the environment involved and privacy as well as security concerns. Rest the amount of risk depends on the application being used.

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    Posted: June 6, 2014, 1:25 am

    Mobile Programming LLC.

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