Features that iOS 8 has in store for consumers

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    The much anticipated WWDC event was held on June 2nd 2014. The WWDC events aim to cater exclusive consumer electronics with rich featured services within it. It is being expected that these new products and features would surely going to hit the market soon. Apple has once again taken the center stage by announcing iOS 8 with interesting exclusive features and crucial changes on developers as well as consumer side. Apple unveiled featured services on the consumer side in order to meet the increasing demand of users. With the growth and success factors, It is being assumed that in the forthcoming years Apple will become a key leader in the market place.

    iOS-8-Banners-Up-Some-More-iOS-8-Features-RumoredApple and third party keyboard changes: Apple has handed over its hold on iOS input methods and has opened the App store in order to get submission from third party keyboard makers as Swype and SwiftKey. There are certain factors that lead to advocate open season on Apple’s own keyboard. Third party keyboard makers used to consider the grievances of its customers and thus it has been one of the most stipulating iOS features. It offers customers to demonstrate comical inflexibility over iOS’s last decade history. There are many features as themed keyboards, custom CJK layouts and input methods that are responsible for massive revenue generator.

    Widgets: In iOS 8, Apple consumers will now able to get access to basic widgets. But this will only be confined to iPhone and iPad’s pull down notification center. It will enable you to personalize the way of data and help you to act on confidential data precisely from the widget pane. this led to bring the significant notification changes in iOS.

    iCloud Photo Library: Earlier users only used to store 1000 photos for 30 days, but now Apple has significantly improved cloud photo and video storage. Now photos can be accessed from any device and they can be undoubtedly stored in the cloud with new iCloud photo library.

    iCloud Drive: iCloud Drive was a Dropbox like service and this was another significant feature for storage of documents in the Apple already consists of Google drive that offers 15GB for free to the end users, whereas Dropbox offers 2GB space for free. iPad, iPhone, Mac and PCs are certain devices on which iCloud drive would be available.

    Siri: There have been certain improvements in Siri with 22 new dictation languages and with the purchase of iTunes content and streaming voice recognition, it will be capable of recognizing songs with Shazam.

    Interactive Notifications: Even without launching an app with interactive notifications, iPhone and iPad will enable users to respond directly to the notifications coming on screen. End user will be able to reply quickly by swiping down the screen and can even like post on social networking sites.

    App previews and iVoice messages as well as video: It allows users to clearly view the practice steps or video demo of using an app before initializing it. With updated messaging app, users will be able to share their location and they can even share audio and video messages. Snapchat features also allows to self destruct audio and video messages after a certain point of time.

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    Posted: June 4, 2014, 10:56 am

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