Internet of things to revolutionize healthcare sector

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    With the growing needs and demands of the developing as well as the developed nations, the users across the globe are having tough time in balancing health and work lives. Due to the hectic schedule and fast lives, people are not able to take care of their health. Medicine, healthcare and pharma have all been impacted and thereby taking cognizance of the fact that mobility solutions hold the power to keep all data and users updated as well as connected round the clock.

    With the ever increasing use of smart devices in the workplaces and homes, there has been integration and intense sharing of information between devices. Developers are also putting efforts to connect every area of life to streamline the various day to day life processes. This has also created a lot of buzz in the healthcare sector as devices are being used to aid surgeons as well as physicians to carry out their day to day operations and diagnosis with ease and more efficiency.

    The emergence of Big data, cloud services, distributed computing systems, highly advanced data analytics and Internet of Things has led to the upgradation of Healthcare to greater heights. Healthcare systems make use of complex supply chains, complicated diagnostic and monitoring technology. But with the enormous number of mobility solutions coming in the form of immersive apps, the health care has shifted to homes from the clinics. Remedy, cure, interaction of patients with the physicians, differential analysis between several phases of medical cases , etc, are easily performed through apps on smart phones, tablets and wearable devices.

    The rise of M2M ( Machine to Machine ) and Internet of Things, has enabled sensors which are being increasingly embedded in the hardware to detect and sense minutest of data weaved from Health IOT, mobile Health as well as slow transition to electronic medical records (EMRs). Health and Medicine sector can truly reach a new pinnacle if mobile app developers can provide smart solutions that connect patients, surgeons, latest treatments and all related data together.

    This will not only save time and efforts on behalf of surgeons but also prove beneficial to patients and other users to access any health related information. As the use of smart devices is growing day by day, effective apps are being developed that inform the user about the diet one must take, what all food substances the diet must contain, the amount of chemical that must be present in one dose of medicine, and so on.

    The most popular smart device today, Google Glass, is being thoroughly implemented in the medical sector as it offers immense usability to both physician and patient. It is being used to record images and videos during the progression of an operation.

    The surgeons are also using it to refer other cases with same symptoms and treatments to have better know how with the further developments of a particular medical case. Also the patients and physicians can have direct query session in case of any urgent health issue. As more and more custom mobility solutions are down the line, users are surely awaiting a more connected world with enhanced connectivity and connectedness round the clock.

    By: Jimmy Parker
    Posted: May 31, 2014, 1:38 am

    Mobile Programming LLC.

    Mobile Programming LLC.

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