When healthcare came across Google Glass

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    Technology has always been a key player in healthcare industry with a range of the android and iPhone apps now arising for medicine and pharma. Also various software and hardware technological changes have taken place in past few years that have changed the facet of the healthcare sector. With the growing use of smart devices across the globe, enterprises have begun to streamline their work processes as per the latest technical requisites. The massive use of smartphones has led to the exponential growth of data. Also this has made an increased use of data analytics and distributed computing systems. With the launch of Google Glass a lot of commotion and criticism regarding the user security arose. The use of camera and video imagery were highly questioned. But as the device is now being accepted by the end users as well as the enterprises, its usability is being realized everywhere.


    Google has been bringing significant software as well as hardware updates to Glass in the last eleven months. Google Glass mobility solutions are also catering to business workflows which in turn is beneficial to enterprises. Several of shipping and stock businesses are using this device to list record bills and items. It is also being used in the healthcare industry by surgeons to regularly check up on patients through the voice activate feature. The imaging feature can be used to record pictures as well as videos while the operation is in progression. The device can also be used to provide a differential analysis of the phases clicked between a live operation and other operations that had been recorded earlier than the present surgery.

    This can aid the surgeons to offer enhanced treatment to the patients. Also the imagery during a live surgery is possible along while using the tools and other set up as the hands are not required while recording the pictures. All this data recorded through the device is saved on cloud, hence it can be accessed later whenever it is required. Also the same data can be used by other physicians or surgeons who have the rightful access for later reference.

    Technology has in every way brought the world closer. Glass has gone one step ahead by bringing the world to eyes. Google Glass app developers are creating prolific solutions so that these devices can pair with other devices. This will create a cosmos of connected devices yielding greater usability to the enterprises as well as to the end users. Therefore there is an urgent need to create robust solutions that takes the usage of smart devices one step ahead and connects the users to other needful data as well as devices effectively. Wearable Technology is quickly making this scenario possible, therefore paving a clear way towards Internet of Things. With over 50 billion devices to be connected by the end of 2020, the data sharing and saving will definitely become coherent and simplified.

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    By: Ridhima Gupta
    Posted: May 29, 2014, 5:54 am

    Mobile Programming LLC.

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