Google Glass as an essential heathcare tool.

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    The increasing use of smart devices has brought together all data and resources to the users’ hands. The use of smartphones as well as other wearable devices has weaved huge bouts of data that is stored in the cloud. SaaS(Software as a Service) is widely incorporated these days to assist proper functioning using the cloud and the apps. The use of intuitive apps has also come to the mainstream business workflows with enterprises now investing largely on mobility solutions. About 38 percent of enterprises already have mobilised their work processes and about 22 percent of them will have it done by the end of this year. Highly advanced data analytics is being implemented to handle the legitimate transaction of simple as well as complicated data. Devices are also being further enhanced so that there is effective communication not just between humans and the device but also between two or more devices.

    In this orderly system of connected devices, Google Glass is trying to go a step further by adding functionalities of video recording, fast processing of images and language translation to aid its users in every way it can. Google Glass is being used in shipping stores and shopping malls to record the bills and list of items to be placed for the consumer. This saves time and effort on behalf of the workers of a company.

    Glass is also quickly finding its way to the Healthcare industry by incorporating fast audio and video imagery to help the physicians and surgeons yield faster diagnosis and treatment. This shall lead the Google Glass app developers to create prolific solutions for the consumer as well as the enterprise sector. Voice activate feature of Glass can be used to ask queries from the patient and queries of the patient could as well be answered. It can also be used to record the phases of a surgery which could be referred later to make a differential analysis. Also other cases could be referred by making a Google search which can later be compared with the image presentation of the present case of the surgeon.

    These and other set of important images or video presentations can later be streamed to a group of medical students to enhance their practical know-how in a particular case subject. Doctors also need record phases during the progression of an operation. At this time simultaneous click of images and using the operation tools is cumbersome. Therefore Glass aids in this side by side working hence enabling consistent multitasking with faster outputs.

    Google will soon add other essential functionalities to bring this device at par with other smart devices. With the need to gather and manage heaps of data, robust solutions are required. Also it is essential to connect the devices efficiently so that the data can be accessed from anywhere by anyone owning a legal authorization. Google Glass mobility solutions are undergoing tremendous expansion and the device will soon be used for multitudinous range of tasks that will bring the world closer in every manner possible.

    By: Jimmy Parker
    Posted: May 26, 2014, 11:48 pm

    Mobile Programming LLC.

    Mobile Programming LLC.

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